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June 22nd 2009 Agenda

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06_22_09 Agenda Without Attachments 

Item No.

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5:00 P.M. Dinner Briefing
Conference Center


1.   Mayor and Council Consent Item Questions


2.   Restructuring Government Committee – Small Business Opportunity Program Recommendations


3.   Neighborhood & Business Services Overview


4.   Answers to Mayor and Council Consent Item Questions                                                                         


5.   Closed Session                                                      


6:30 P.M.  Citizens' Forum


7:00 P.M. Awards and Recognitions
Meeting Chamber


6.   Senior Games and Silver Arts Recognition


   Consent agenda items 20 through 47 may be considered in one motion except those items removed by a Council member.  Items are removed by notifying the City Clerk before the meeting.


Public Hearing


8.   Public Hearing on a Resolution to close a 10-foot Alleyway off Dotger Avenue




9.   Rezoning Petition #2009-052




10.  City Manager's Report


11.  Carolina Theatre Seventh Amendment


12.  Performance Evaluation Procedures for Solid Waste Services




13.  Neighborhood Stabilization Program


14.  Transit Security Grant Program Federal Stimulus Funds


15.  State Clean Water Stimulus Resolutions


16.  2009 Housing Trust Fund Project Recommendations


17.  Water/Sewer Refunding and NASCAR Hall of Fame Permanent Financing Substitution


18.  Nominations to Boards and Commissions


19.  Mayor and Council Topics


Consent I


20.  Various Bids


     A.    Resurfacing FY2009-B


     B.    Beatties Ford Road 16 inch Water Main


     C.    Manhole Rehabilitation and Point Repair


     D.    Airport Terrazzo Maintenance Contract


21.  Refund of Property and Business Privilege License Taxes


22.  Resolution of Intent to Abandon Two Portions of Horne Drive


23.  Resolution of Intent to Abandon a Portion of Two 10-foot Alleyways Bound by Allen Street, East 15th Street, Harrill Street and Belmont Avenue


24.  In Rem Remedy


Consent II


25.  Amended and Restated Agreement for Operation of a Single Storm Water System


26.  Independence Boulevard/Harris Boulevard Intersection Improvements


27.  Elevator Maintenance Services


28.  Life Safety Systems Maintenance Services                  


29.  Storm Water Pipe Video Inspection Services


30.  On-Street Parking Contract


31.  NASCAR Hall of Fame Advisory Board Appointments


32.  Charlotte Center City Partners Board Appointments


33.  NCDOT Municipal Agreement for Relocation of Utility Lines along Lebanon Road


34.  Synagro-WWT, Inc. Contract Extension


35.  McAlpine Creek Relief Sewer Phase 2


36.  Vest Water Treatment Plant Repairs


37.  Griffith Street Pump Station Design Upgrades


38.  West Water Transmission Main Change Order


39.  Stonewall Street Water Main


40.  Air National Guard Lease Amendment


41.  Corporate Aviation and Fuel Facility Leases


42.  Upgrade and Expansion of Airport Flight Monitors


43.  Navigational Aid Installation Change Order


44.  Airport Electrical Supplies Purchase


45.  Airport On-site Parts, Warehouse and Supply System


46.  Property Transactions


47.  Meeting Minutes