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Agenda Attachments Table of Contents - February 25, 2008
View the Agenda attachments in the Table of Contents below by selecting the number to the right of the item.  You may also still view the detailed agenda (without attachments) by clicking on the link to the right.  

02_25_08 Agenda without Attachments

Item No.  

Attachment No.

5:00 P.M. Dinner Briefing
Conference Center


1.   Mayor & Council Consent Item Questions                 


2.   North Tryon Redevelopment Study, Segment 1, Brookshire To Sugar Creek 


3.   Extension of Municipal Service District 4 (Historic South End) and the Establishment of Municipal Service District 6 (Elizabeth/Midtown)



4.   Answers to Mayor & Council Consent Item Questions



6:30 P.M.  Citizens' Forum
Meeting Chamber



7:00 P.M. Awards and Recognitions
Meeting Chamber




5.   Consent agenda items 19 through 38 may be considered in one motion except those items removed by a Council member.  Items are removed by notifying the City Clerk before the meeting. 




Public Hearing 


6.   Public Hearings on Voluntary Annexations


7.   Public Hearing on Resolution to Close a Residual Portion of Right-of-Way Located at the Corner of Elmhurst Road and Kirkpatrick Road



8.   Public Hearing on Resolution to  Close Quail Wood Drive


9.   Public Hearing on Resolution to Close Two Unnamed Portions of Right-of-Way Running off of Sandy Porter Road and Township Road


10.  Public Hearing on Resolution to Close a Residual Portion of Heflin Street


11.  Public Comment on the Draft Brevard Street   Land Use and Urban Design Plan

6a & 6b



12.  City Manager's Report


13.  Bryant Park Development




14.  North Corridor Commuter Rail Engineering


15.  South Corridor Light Rail Project Contract Amendment for Construction Management Services 


16.  Historic South End Municipal Service District Extension and Establishment of an Elizabeth Avenue/Midtown Municipal Service District 


17.  Closed Session


18. Mayor and Council Topics


Consent I


19.     Various Bids


A.      Kensington DriveSidewalks


B.      Bryant Farms Sidewalks 


C.      Storm Water Maintenance FY2008 A


D.      Storm Water Quality/Stream Maintenance FY2008 


E.      US Airways Training Center Expansion Construction Package


F.      FY2008 Sanitary Sewer Replacements Contract Two

G.     Fiber Extension and Traffic Control System Trunk Line Construction General Commerce Drive Project




20.     Refund of Property Taxes


21.     In Rem Remedy


Consent II


22.     Renovations to the North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center


23.     Railroad Agreement for Fred D. Alexander Boulevard


24.     Engineering Services for Freedom Drive Stewart Creek Parkway


25.     Termination of Water Quality Tri-party Memorandum of Understanding


26.     Transportation Security Administration Grant 


27.     FY2008 Annual Financial Audit Contract  


28.     Voluntary Annexation Public Hearing Date


29.     FY07 Contract #2, Water and Sanitary Sewer Service Installations, Renewal #1


30.     Sardis Road Booster Pump Station


31.     Airport Engineering Contract Amendment


32.     Police Department Wireless Data Network Upgrade


33.      Assets Forfeiture Appropriation


34.     Public Safety Radio Interlocal Agreements


35.     Fire Field Communications Unit


36.     Grier Subdivision Sanitary Sewer Property Transactions


37.     Property Transactions 


38.     Meeting Minutes