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About our new name and logo

CRC logo 50th anniversary

The word community is more than just a part of our name. It represents an inclusive group of friends and neighbors of different races, colors, faiths, ethnicities, ages, incomes, disabilities and nationalities. For 50 years, we have been known as the Community Relations Committee. As a result of the great progress we have made as both a committee and staff, coupled with the relations we’ve built with our partners, we can now say we’ve grown into Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations.

In addition to a slight name change, to celebrate 50 years of service to residents, our new logo will feature a banner above it.

Our online presence features incorporated elements of a new brand -- all focused on the element of “hands.” We use our hands to communicate, to express our energy and passion through gestures. Our hands represent our unique individuality while, at the same time, acting as tools for us to engage or embrace others -- to ask for help, and also to assist.