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Melissa M. Baker, Community Relations Specialist
Contact Information
Phone: 704 336-2382
Melissa Baker is a Community Relations Specialist with primary responsibility for managing the CRC’s involvement in Police Disciplinary Review Process.
Melissa comes from the West Coast, graduating from the University of Washington Seattle in 1997, and going on to graduate school at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma Washington to study Marriage and Family Therapy. Melissa began her professional career treating the chronically mentally ill, then moving into child abuse investigations. Years later Melissa became a Fair Housing Investigator with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg CRC before being appointed to her current position.
Melissa enjoys spending time with her 4 teenagers, doing various activities.  She also models and acts on the side as a hobby.  
Melissa’s responsibilities include the following: 

Police Disciplinary Review
  • Attends all Internal Affairs Disciplinary Review Boards 
  • Makes recommendations for disciplinary action on all Internal Affairs Review Board 
  • Reviews all Internal Affairs Investigative files prior to Disciplinary Review Boards
  • Assists citizens in filing allegations of police misconduct
  • Assists citizens in filing appeals to The Citizens Review Board
  • Conducts annual community outreach programs to describe and explain the disciplinary process
  • Prepares an annual report to the City Council
Assists the CRC director in developing, directing and implementing programs and activities that develop, maintain and improve community relations in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.
  • University of Washington Alumni Association
  • Arts & Science Council
  • National Association of Human Rights Workers