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Passenger Vehicles for Hire - PVH
  Established in May 2000, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's Passenger Vehicles for Hire (PVH) Office administers and enforces Chapter 22 of the Charlotte City Code, the PVH Ordinance.  The PVH Ordinance can be viewed at   or download a copy (PDF file). The PVH ordinance regulates the licensing, inspection, and operation of all passenger vehicles for hire that operate within Charlotte 's corporate city limits.  Applicable vehicles include all taxicabs, limousines, shuttle vans, special needs, transportation vehicles, contract vehicles, and non-metered passenger vehicles for hire.
The Passenger Vehicles for Hire office also works with the PVH Board, City Council, and City Manager's office to regulate company, vehicle, and driver quality and operating standards. Our common goal is to ensure sufficient, professional, and safe for-hire transportation service to all citizens of Charlotte and those who visit our city. To find out more about PVH companies, please check our currently approved company listing


PVH Office Location:
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department West Service Center
Passenger Vehicles for Hire Unit
4150 Wilkinson Boulevard
Charlotte, NC  28208

The Passenger Vehicles for Hire Office conducts all business BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, Monday through Thursday, 8:00AM - 11:00AM, and 1:00PM - 4:00PM. Friday 8:00AM-11:00AM.  Contact our office for additional information or to schedule an appointment.  

CMPD West Service Center

PVH Contact Listing:
 PVH Manager ..​ 704-432-6802


 PVH Officer

DC Buckley


 PVH Inspector

John "Jay" Mitchell 704-432-5139
 PVH Inspector KimAnnette Smith 704-432-5140
 PVH Inspector Dewauana Wallace 704-432-5130
 PVH Inspector Anthony "AJ" Weckenman 704-432-5132

 PVH Fax: 704-432-6805

Customer Comments…
We encourage consumers to submit comments should they encounter exceptional service or problems with any passenger vehicle for hire operating within the City of Charlotte.
If you would like to submit a comment to us, use the online form provided.  We review all comments and evaluate all complaints as they apply to the City ordinance.  All comments, and those complaints that do not appear to fall within the provisions of the ordinance, will be forwarded to the respective company owners for a response.
  Passenger Vehicle for Hire Board:
The Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month, beginning at 1p.m. at the West Service Center.

The Board was established in May 2000, and is made up of eleven (11) members chosen by the city council, mayor, and city manager from diverse business areas. Members include representatives from company owners, vehicle drivers and chauffeurs, persons with disabilities, hospitality and tourism, and persons having no affiliation with the passenger vehicles for hire industry.
The PVH Board meets monthly to discuss issues and hear appeals from drivers, owners, and the public on:
   - Citations
   - Denial, suspension, or revocation of certificates or permits
   - Customer service issues
Additionally, the PVH Board establishes (for taxicabs) standard rate schedules, fare zones, and standard charges for:
   - Waiting time
   - Additional passengers or luggage