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This is the Missing Persons and Homicide Cold Cases that we are seeking information through public assistance. 
If you have information regarding any of these cases, please contact the lead detective associated with the case.  


Current Cold Cases

Sandra Ann McAfee
D.O.H.: 05-02-1975
Area: 2417 Double Oaks
Apartment A
Janie Thompson
D.O.H: 05-02-1975
Area: 2417 Double Oaks
Apartment A

Sandra Grimes
D.O.H: 11-06-1986
Area: Off 1500 Block
of Merriman Avenue


Neely Shane Smith
D.O.H: 04-11-1981
Area: 6701 Union Road

Franklin Harrison
D.O.H: 05-26-1989
Area: 4302 Raleigh St
at State Industries

David McGinnis
D.O.H.: 10-06-1989
Area: 5500 Statesville
Diane Miller-Marshall
D.O.H: 09-27-1990
Area: 100 Block of
Sycamore Street

D'artanian Counts
D.O.H: 02-27-1990
Area: Quick-N-Eze Store
2700 Tuckaseegee Rd.

Barbara Tedrick
D.O.H: 08-09-1997
Area: 839 Scaleybark Rd
Overlook Apart​​ments

Thomas Alford
D.O.H: 12-29-1997
Area: 4240 #5
The Plaza

Delacey Glover
D.O.H.: 01-21-2000
Area: 3127 Central Ave
Juan Pastor
D.O.H: 07-20-2001
Area: 5708 Cedars
East Court

Hoang Minh Le
D.O.H: 10-30-2001
Area: 3541 South I-85
Service Road, Lot 47

John Lee
D.O.H: 06-08-2004
Area: 7132 Wallace Rd.
Christopher Allison
D.O.H: 10-02-2004
Area: 1515 Pegram St

Michael Bowers-Haynes
D.O.H.: 04-29-2005
Area: 5011 Endolwood Rd.
Kimmerly Glenn Apts

Gregory Goodson
D.O.H: 09-30-2005
Area: Path off 5740
Block of Simpson Rd.

Norman Gilmore
D.O.H: 02-02-2006
Area: 129 West
Trade Street


Alan Stevens
D.O.H: 12-03-2006
Area: 1434 Firwood
Lane, Apt. B


Travis Moore
D.O.H: 02-18-2007
Area: 7029 Apt. A,
Fernwood Drive

William Green
D.O.H.: 05-10-2007
Area: 1144 North
Wendover Road
Eugene Blackmon
D.O.H: 08-28-2007
Area: 618 Echodale

Oleg Poladov
D.O.H: 11-06-2007
Area: 2500 Cross
Point Circle

Kellie Owens
D.O.H: 12-27-2007
Area: 9121 Meadow
Vista Road

Eric Byrd
D.O.H: 01-12-2008
Area: Parking Lot in
front of No 7247
Lake Point Apts,
Point Lake Drive

Jacques Timbers
D.O.H.: 06-04-2008
Area: 6203 Forest
Pond Drive

Marquiese Antonio

D.O.H: 12-11-2008
Area: 1600 Weststone


Anthony DePaul

D.O.H: 07-06-2001
Area: Intersection of
Sardis Lane &
Sardis Green Court

Rodney Sherwood
D.O.H.: 11-09-2006
Area: Brookshire Freeway
at Independence Blvd.​​

Michael Tyrone Evans
D.O.H: 08-12-2005
Area: 3333 Freedom Drive

Robert Lee
D.O.H.: 06-04-1991
Area: 3100 Block of
Poinsett Street

Wejewen Briston

D.O.H: 06-04-1991
Area: 3100 Block of
Poinsett Street


John Carl

D.O.H: 04-08-1992
Area: 400 Block of
Echodale Drive​


Jose Lorenzo
Arevalo Moreno

D.O.H: 01-28-2007
Area: 4116 N. Tryon


William M. Robertson
D.O.H: 05-21-1983
Area: 4260 Park Road​

David M. Lyman
D.O.H.: 05-21-1983
Area: 4260 Park Road​
James Lester
D.O.H.: 02-09-1979
Area: I-85 Connector Rd
to US 29N​​
Ja'Ron Kentrell
D.O.H.: 08-02-2009
Area: Int. of Colby Pl
& Lanecrest Dr​​​​​
William Richard
D.O.H.: 12-27-1948
Area: 3940 Guthrie St​​​​​
Charles Phillip
D.O.H.: 02-26-1967
Area: 5200 Block of
Freedom Drive​​​​​​​​​​​

Jay Allen Wood
D.O.H.: 08-03-1961
Area: 100 West
Woodlawn Road​​
Alkia Joquay
D.O.H.: 05-22-2003
Area: 2700 Block
Toomy Avenue​​​
Matthew L.
D.O.H.: 11-01-2006
Area: 4405 Plaza​​​​


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The following Missing Person cases are older active cases that we are seeking public assistance in helping to locate the highlighted individuals. Again, if you have any insight on their whereabouts, please contact the lead detectives on the case.




Denise Porch
D.O.B: 03-25-1954
Missing since 1975
Rhonda Baucom
D.O.B: 03-12-1958
Missing since 1987
William Hipp, III
D.O.B: 06-27-1952
Missing since 1991
Rita Maxwell
D.O.B: 03-07-1976
Missing since 1992
Devonne Dubose
D.O.B.: 03-27-1964
Missing since 1992

Kathi Jean Warren
D.O.B.: 10-20-1956
Missing since 1996
Devon Johnson

D.O.B.: 10-28-1996
Missing since 2013
Jane Bui

D.O.B: 07-06-1961
Missing since 1998
Annette Mammone
D.O.B: 03-26-1957
Missing since 2001
Waldemar Wydra
D.O.B: 11-08-1968
Missing since 2002

Julianna Ali

Age: 3 Years Old
Missing since 2002
Allah El-Jahid
D.O.B: 11-12-2000
Missing since 2003
Jose Espinoza
D.O.B: 01-18-1978
Missing since 2003
Stephanie Haynes

D.O.B: 08-19-1966
Missing since 2003
Jessica Fallon Hooks

D.O.B.: 04-09-1985
Missing since 2004

Velva Lewis
D.O.B: 08-08-1964
Missing since 2006
Kyle Fleischmann
D.O.B: 09-24-1983
Missing since 2007
John Doe
D.O.B.: unknown
Found Feb 15,2009


Oralia Bolanos
D.O.B.: 10-13-1979
Missing since 2009


Martin Eric Bryant
D.O.B.: 03-30-1969
Missing since 2011

Daniel Garcia
D.O.B.: 02-05-1987
Missing since 2011


Richard Murray

D.O.B.: 35 yrs old
Missing since 2012
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