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Characteristics of Domestic Violence Victims

Emotional Warning Signs:
Do you…
___ experience depression?
___ have suicidal thoughts?
___ feel emotionally distressed?
___ demonstrate dependency on the relationship?
___ feel afraid?

___ feel ashamed?
___ feel defensive?
___ feel distrustful?
___ feel panicky?
___ act very cautious so as to avoid violence?
___ often fear separation from your partner?
___ feel helplessness?
___ experience flashbacks of prior violent incidents?
___ feel overwhelmed with emotion?
___ feel irritable?
___ become startled easily?
___ feel guilt or over responsibility?


Physical Warning Signs:
Do you…
___ have chronic medical complaints?
___ abuse alcohol?
___ abuse drugs?
___ overeat?
___ have a loss of appetite?
___ have anorexia?
___ have frequent headaches?
___ experience stomach ailments?
___ have high blood pressure?
___ have heart palpitations?
___ have allergic skin reactions?
___ have insomnia?
___ feel chronically fatigued?
___ feel anxious?


Social Warning Signs:
Do you…
___ avoid making eye contact or look down during conversation?
___ feel isolated (few/no friends or family members involved in your life)?
___ make excuses for your partner’s behavior?
___ minimize the assault?
___ deny the seriousness of the assault?
___ often defend your partner?
___ have limited freedom?
___ have to have your partner along if you want to see your friends or family?
___ feel you have to avoid attending school because you've been forbidden to do so?
___ feel alienated?
___ feel vulnerable?
___ feel socially isolation?
___ mistrust and dislike men?
___ feel humiliated?


Family Beliefs and Warning Signs:
Do you…
___ have strong traditional views about family unity?
___ believe in traditional sex/gender roles?
___ have a history of family violence?
___ not participate in decisions about the family?
___ feel bound by love and loyalty?


Self Concept Warning Signs
Do you…
___ have low self-esteem?
___ have a sense of worthlessness?
___ have self-doubt?
___ self-blame?
___ feel incompetent?
___ feel like a failure?
___ have self hatred?


Miscellaneous Warning Signs
Do you…
___ suffer at the hand of your abuser but deny your own anger and terror?
___ have financial difficulties?
___ maintain hope for change despite ongoing violence?
___ have a belief that if you can figure out how to make your partner happy the violence will stop?
___ take responsibility for the violence perpetrated against you?
___ get treated like a child by your partner?
___ not have a car or are forbidden to drive?
___ not work outside of the home?
___ not have any control over home finances?
___ become the subject of ridicule about family and/or friends?
___ often cannot think of a place to go if you left?
___ live in chronic fear?
___ experience decreased job performance?
___ feel trapped?