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Cyber Crimes Unit
The Cyber Crimes Unit was formed to take a proactive approach to crime via Internet before it becomes a major problem.
Local law enforcement Cyber Crimes personnel focus on identity-theft through the Internet, computer hacking, theft of intellectual property, Internet fraud, credit card abuse, and Internet child exploitation (solicitation of a child or child pornography).
This unit cooperates with the FBI, IRS Criminal Investigations Division, the U.S. Customs Service, U.S. Secret Service, U.S Attorney General's Office, the North Carolina Attorney General's Office and other local organizations in matters of cyber crime.
Cyber Crimes Supervisor
Sergeant Bobby Morton
Phone: 704-336-2311
Fax: 704-336-4898
Helpful websites:
Need to report internet fraud to the FEDS?
Internet Fraud Complaint Center (FBI)
Need to check on a cyber warning?
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Need to report being stalked or harassed over the Internet?
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