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Auto Theft Layered Approach

Layer 1:
The Common Sense Approach

The common sense approach is the simplest and most cost-effective way to thwart thieves. Some of these suggestions are obvious; some might not have occurred to you. But they can all help protect your car:

of time, disable it--for example, remove the ignition fuse, coil wire or distributor rotor

Layer 2:
Visible or Audible Deterrent

There are many devices designed to alert thieves that your car is protected. Popular examples include:

  • audible alarms
  • steering wheel locks
  • steering column collars
  • theft deterrent decals
  • tire locks
  • V.I.N. Etching: etch vehicle identification number (VIN) on vehicle windows

Layer 3:
Vehicle Immobilizers

These devices prevent thieves from bypassing your ignition and hot--wiring your vehicle. Some use computer chips in ignition keys, while others inhibit the flow of electricity or fuel until you hit a hidden switch. Here are a few examples:

  • smart keys
  • use cut-offs
  • kill switches
  • starter, ignition and fuel disablers

Layer 4:
Tracking Systems

A vehicle tracking system is a high-- tech device designed to be hidden in your automobile in order to emit a signal that the police can monitor if you report a theft. These systems are very effective in helping authorities recover stolen vehicles.