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VCAT: Violent Criminal Apprehension Team
VCAT top banner
The Violent Criminal Apprehension Team (VCAT) conducts fugitive recovery investigations and operations targeting the most violent offenders operating or located within the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. The unit maintains sworn status through the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Marshal's Service in order to pursue individuals preying upon the citizens of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County wherever they may flee.
VCAT Deployment
VCAT is deployed in coordination with federally-adopted apprehension efforts anywhere in the world.

VCAT Training
The entire team participates in relevant training schools both on and off-site throughout the year.

 CMPD's Most Wanted banner
VCAT's primary mission is to facilitate the apprehension of individuals wanted for murder, rape, and armed robbery but may include additional violent felonies. If you have any information that can help capture these individuals, call or text 704-336-VCAT (8228) or email
All information is confidential.

Rogelio Tecuapa
- DOB: 03-07-1976
- Hgt: 5'04" / Wgt: 155
- Murder
Fernando Cuellar
- DOB: 12-06-1975
- Hgt: 5'05" / Wgt: 155
- 1st Degree Sex
Demetrius Ameche
Coleman aka "NY"
- DOB: 01-22-1979
- Hgt: 5'10" / Wgt: 145
Garnette Coulborne
- DOB: 11-04-1987
- Hgt: 6'0" / Wgt: 160
- Other Felony
Eric Berry
- DOB: 09-27-1969
- Hgt: 5'09" / Wgt: 297
- Trafficking in Heroin
Jose Montez-Cruz
- DOB: 08-12-1981
- Hgt: 5'9" / Wgt: 160
Daniel Moore
- DOB: 06-14-1984
- Hgt: 6'0" / Wgt: 180
- Cut Electronic 
   Monitoring device
Tahj Kierre Wilson
- DOB: 10-06-1989
- Hgt: 5'7" / Wgt: 150