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S.W.A.T. Composition
Team Composition
The team has a total of sixty-one members separated into three units by function.

Tactical Unit: This unit has forty-three members including Command Staff personnel and is responsible for the tactical operations at a crisis incident. All members of this unit are sworn police officers and are cross trained in all relevant skills and equipment necessary to function at an incident location. Within the tactical unit there are four groups of officers who receive additional training to perform specific tasks.

Grenadiers: These officers are responsible for the delivery of chemical agents, ballistic breaching and less-lethal munitions.

Sniper/Observers: These officers are qualified to deploy with weapon systems that are capable of performing at extended ranges.

We have eleven officers that serve on the Mecklenburg County Advanced Local Emergency Response Team. This unit is responsible for responding to incidents that may involve the release of a chemical, nuclear or biological agent. These team members are trained to operate in level "B" protective suits and self-contained breathing apparatus.

Armored Rescue Vehicle Unit: There are eight officers assigned to the Dragoon armored rescue vehicle. These officers are trained in all areas of operation and maintenance of the vehicle.

Crisis Negotiators: This unit has thirteen members, including Command Staff personnel, and is responsible for establishing a dialogue with any suspect(s) at a scene. They are well-trained in negotiation skills and have successfully resolved a majority of the incidents we have responded to. Through the use of electronic equipment, they are capable of speaking to an individual from a distance, providing a safer environment.

Medics: This unit has five members including a supervisor. They are civilian employees of Mecklenburg County Emergency Medical Services and have been trained in all facets of tactical operations, except firearms.
The medics work closely with the tactical officers and have proven to be an asset at both incident locations and at scheduled training sessions.

The members of the SWAT Team serve on a part-time basis with all members having other functions within their respective agencies