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Reclaiming Your Pet

​If you have lost your pet, go to the Lost Pets page to look for them online. We highly encourage owners to come to the shelter to look at them in person as you know your pets than we do. You can visit the website 24/7 as it is updated every hour. If you have found your pet, please see the instructions below to speed up your reclaim process.

Find us:
Animal Care & Control
8315 Byrum Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217

Mon. – Fri. 11:00am – 7:00pm
Sat. –Sun. 11:00am – 5:00pm

If you need to alert our staff about an animal that you think might be yours please call 311 and they will place a note on the animal for you indicating that you will be coming to the shelter to see if it is your pet.

Ø  If you have located your pet on our website, write down the ID number and kennel location number and bring it to the shelter to present to the service representative at the front desk.
Ø  If you do not see your pet on t the website please come to the shelter and you will be escorted to the stray dog and cat kennel areas to do a visual check of the animals.
Ø  If you already know that your pet is at our shelter due to a bite or aggression incident, or were contacted by Animal Care & Control, bring all related documents with you to the shelter to present directly to the service representative at the front desk for disposition.
If your pet is at Animal Care & Control, please follow these steps to reclaim:
1. You will need to provide PROOF OF RABIES VACCINATION. We only accept the paper rabies certificate and not the collar tag as proof.  The rabies certificate will include the date of vaccination, veterinarian information, and tag number. If you are unable to provide this form, or if the pet’s vaccination is not current, the animal will be vaccinated before it leaves the shelter. Rabies vaccines and Microchips are required by Mecklenburg County and will be provided at an additional cost.
2. You will need to provide a PHOTO ID showing your current address. If your ID is not current, ALSO bring additional proof of YOUR CORRECT ADDRESS on checks, your lease, cable or utility bill, etc.
3. The pet owner is the only person that can reclaim their animal. We CANNOT reclaim to a neighbor, relative, or co-worker without signed permission and a copy of the animal owner’s PHOTO ID and current address information. These reclaim documents may also be faxed to us at 704-336-7842.
4. Some animals may not be available for reclaim due to a ‘Hold’ notice placed by the intake officer. This may be the result of multiple violations, aggression or cruelty concerns, or other issues. The pet will be held until investigations are completed.
5. All citations must be paid before the pet can be reclaimed.
6. Animal Care & Control accepts cash or local checks, MasterCard or Visa. NO DEBIT TRANSACTION.***
7. Reclaim fees may vary depending on reason for impound and length of stay. Service representatives will go over your options when you comein to reclaim your pet.
***Checks and credit card payments cannot be accepted from parties that are not present at the time of reclaim to show their PHOTO ID.

Each reclaim process is unique and may take different lengths of time to complete. Thank you in advance for your patience.