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There are two situations in which you will need a permit to maintain your animals.

Livestock- If you wish to maintain any equine, cloven-hoofed animal (cattle, goats, etc.) livestock or domestic fowl (chicken, turkey, pigeon...) a permit is required. Before a permit is issued, the premises must be inspected to ensure that the animal(s) has adequate shelter or its cage meets the minimum space requirements. We will also make sure that the animal(s) does not endanger the health, safety, peace and quiet of nearby residents. A permit costs $40.00 and must be renewed annually.

Three or More Dogs or Cats- If you have three or more dogs or cats (in any combination) four months of age or older frequently kept outside, you will need a permit. The main purpose of this permit is to make sure that noise or odor caused by the animals will not interfere with a neighbor's use and peaceful enjoyment of his property. This permit cost $40.00 and is valid as long as the owner is in compliance with the terms of the permit.

Permit Application