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Spay / Neuter Services


Animal Math:
1+1= 420,000    <- How does that calculate?

One Female Cate + One Male Cat = 420,000 Kittens in 7 Years.

Help STOP the Multiplication by spaying or neutering your pets!

Spaying and neutering your pets is the most responsible decision an owner can make. There are so many benefits behind this surgery:

  • a healthier and happier pet
  • a major reduction in the threat of cancer
  • they won’t go through heat cycles
  • they won’t feel the need to get out of the fence and roam the neighborhood
  • they’ll be less likely to attack people and other pets
  • they'll be less inclined to mark their territory
  • it will increase your pet’s life expectancy

BUT MOST IMPORTANT: It will prevent the birth of unwanted companion animals which reduces the pet over-population!!

Animal Care & Control understands that during these tough economic times finding a place to spay or neuter your pet can be trying. In an effort to help alleviate that stress we have found other low-cost spay/neuter clinics in and near the Charlotte area.
Besides our own free spay/neuter clinic, check out these wonderful low-cost clinics in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

1. The Humane Society of Charlotte

*If you have a scheduled surgical appointment for your pet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at the Byrum Dr location, please note that the Humane Society of Charlotte is operating the clinic on these days. If you need to talk with them please call their spay/neuter line directly at 704-333-4130.*

2. Spay Neuter Charlotte
3. Gaston Low-Cost Spay Neuter Clinic (Gastonia, NC)
4. Cabarrus Spay/Neuter Clinic, Concord, NC
5. Spartanburg Humane Society Low–Cost Spay Neuter Clinic, Spartanburg, SC: 
6. SNIP Clinic, Mooresville, NC (special feral pricing of $65 for everything):
7. Humane Society of Union County - low-cost spay/neuter clinic
9. Other places to check out:









The Community Spay / Neuter Clinics are being funded with private donations and grant money.  (It is not part of an operational budget.)  The availability of donations and grant money has been drastically reduced due to the unstable economy.  Unfortunately, the clinics can continue only as long as funding is available.  Once our current funds are exhausted, the clinics will be discontinued.  We distribute the funds to provide one clinic on the second Saturday of each month.


Please use your local veterinarian if you are financially able.  Many other organizations, above, including The Humane Society of Charlotte, provide low cost spay / neuter services.  Our availability of surgical appointments depends entirely on the receipt of donations through the efforts of the volunteers and grant money.  At any given time, The Animal Care and Control Free Community Spay / Neuter Services will have a variable waiting list.  Please be patient as the free clinic is offered only one to two days per month so appointments are not immediately available. Where cages in larger sizes are limited, or during peak seasons, it may take up to four to six months before your pet is scheduled for surgery.

                                                                     WEEKDAY CLINICS:
Appointments and answers to inquiries regarding weekday low cost clinics are provided by the Humane Society of Charlotte. To report late drop-off or pick-up, discuss fees, or reschedule an appointment please call the HSC at the AC&C Shelter deLisser Clinic at 704-426-1053 or Tomey Ave. location at 704-333-4130.


We encourage citizens to investigate all Spay / Neuter options available for your pet prior to submitting an application to The Animal Care and Control Free Community Spay / Neuter Clinic.  The program is prepared to accept a limited number of applications from citizens who are financially unable to provide for the sterilization needs of their pets.  All requests for service will be added to the current waiting list. We strive to keep our waiting list updated.

Pet owners can find the online applications at the bottom of this page. There is also a link to printable applications if needed.

Please notify the voicemail at 704-336-4424 if you have a change of address, email account, phone number or wish to be removed from the waiting list.  Please note that the spay/neuter line is for messages only.

Please note that all applications received will be placed on the waiting list and you will receive a call when your application reaches the top of the list. Due to the overwhelming amount of applications for animals in need of this service we cannot contact you when we have received your application.
Thank you.
We ONLY hold our spay/neuter clinics on the second Saturday of each month due to fundraising efforts.
We ask that you be patient as there is currently a wait period for the following:

Male Cats:
next available clinic
Female Cats: next available clinic 
Male Dogs:
     Under 40lbs: next available clinic
     Over 40lbs: 8 weeks
Female Dogs:
     Under 40 lbs: 8 weeks
     Over 40 lbs: 12 weeks
IMPORTANT NOTE: If your pet has a current (or expired) rabies vaccination, PLEASE bring the most recent rabies certificate you have with you on the day of your pets' surgical appointment.
We do not want to revaccinate your pet if they are current.
If they are expired, we can give your pet a 3 year rabies vaccine.

Below are printable versions of the applications:

Male Cat

Female Cat

Male Dog

Female Dog