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Owner Surrenders

Unfortunately there are times when pet owners, for many different reasons are forced to find a new home for their pet. 
Owners are highly encouraged to find ways to keep their pet but if they must re-home the pet they are asked to exhaust all other options before surrendering.   Ask friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers first. Owners can use the Humane Society of Charlotte's iCare Program to help with the re-homing process. Also contact rescue groups to see if they can help.

AC&C is also pleased to announce that the shelter will be providing drop-in training classes every Sunday from 9-11am.
The purpose of the class is two-fold: 

First, to offer professional behavior and training support for citizens who are considering surrendering their dog. Often, the opportunity to speak and work with a professional trainer can help alleviate behavior problems that are occurring in the home therefor reducing the need for the animal to be surrendered.  

Second, to provide professional behavior and training support for those citizens who have just adopted a dog from the shelter and who would like to start right away on training.  The majority of our shelter dogs have been in the shelter’s training program and this is an excellent opportunity to transition the skills the dogs have learned into their new homes and new owners.    

Classes will be held in the fenced in grassy field at the front of the facility and are free to the public.
*NOTE: The date of the first class will be announced soon.*

If these methods fail, or time has run out, and they must surrender their pets they may do so by bringing their pet to Animal Care & Control. Owners that surrender their animals will voluntarily release their ownership rights to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's Animal Care & Control. They will sign a legal document that terminates their ownership of the pet.

If you are a pet owner that must surrender their animal and have exhausted all other options, please note the following:

  • Owners surrenders will be accepted Wednesdays from 11:00am - 2:00pm and Sundays from 9:00am - 11:00am. Our goal is for owners to retain their pets; to find out about possible assistance for your situation, or for more general information, please call 704-336-3799. The Sunday hours are *before* we officially open to the public so no regular business​ (adoptions, reclaims, etc.) will take place until 11am.​

  • Animal medical records are EXTREMELY appreciated if available and are extremely helpful for the shelter staff in caring for the pet as well as trying to find it a new home. If you have these records, especially proof of rabies vaccinations and proof of spay or neuter, PLEASE BRING THESE WITH YOU.

  • Only the owner may surrender their pet.

  • Owners and their pet must reside in Mecklenburg County, including the incorporated towns.

  • Please bring pets on a leash or in a carrier when bringing them to the shelter.

  • Owners must provide a government issued photo ID. If that ID does not have a current address owners must bring something that has your current address on it in addition to their ID.

  • Owners will be asked several questions about the animal's history and personality which will help staff determine adoptability and structure of a new home.

  • Owners will be required to sign a legal Animal Owner Surrender form. This legal document signs over your ownership rights to the shelter and understand that your pet may be euthanized at any time after you surrender the pet to Animal Care & Control.

Pet owners are required to bring their own pets into the shelter for voluntary surrender. If owners have a physical or medical disability and cannot come to the shelter they must call (704) 336-4421. Leave a message and you will receive a return phone call to discuss the situation.