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Recruit Training and Curriculum
  The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Training Academy has been providing Basic Law Enforcement Training for its new employees since it was built in 1976. Prior to 1976, officers received training at the Law Enforcement Center in downtown Charlotte. 
Over the last 30 years, the quality and duration of training has increased a great deal.  Currently, the Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) program lasts 22 weeks and consists of 903 hours of training. This is a great deal more than the 604 hours the State of North Carolina requires. The curriculum includes topics such as Cultural Diversity, Effective Communication and Computer Proficiency, in addition to the traditional law enforcement training that they receive. 

The majority of the recruits are employees of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, but occasionally, an outside agency will send an officer through our program. Recruits do not live on-site and, throughout the course, will be paid and receive benefits as other employees.


Basic Law Enforcement Training Curriculum
The following is a list of the topics that are covered during the CMPD's Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) and the number of training hours that are alotted to each.  The following is a sampling from the list of courses that Recruits are required to complete.   
  Course Name
ABC Laws (4 hrs.)
Accident Investigation (24 hrs.)
Arrest, Search & Seizure (45 hrs.)
Bloodborne Pathogens (8 hrs.)
Cultural Diversity (7 hrs.)
Crowd Management (20 hrs.)
Controlled Substances (12hrs.)
Crime Prevention (6 hrs.)
Criminal Invesitigation (36 hrs.)
Dealing With Victims & The Public (10 hrs)
Domestic Violence (12 hrs.)
Driver's Training (64 hrs.)
Hazardous Materials (12 hrs.)
Elements of Criminal Law (27 hrs.)
Ethics (4 hrs.)
Firearms (76 hrs.)
First Responder (40 hrs.)
Interviewing (16 hrs.)
Juvenile Law (10 hrs.)
Motor Vehicle Law (20 hrs.)
Officer Survival (8 hrs.)
Patrol Techniques (28 hrs.)
Preparing For Court (12 hrs.)
Report Writing (42 hrs.)
Subject Control & Arrest Techniques (56 hrs.)
Traffic Enforcement (27 hrs.)
Use of Force Continuum (4hrs.)


Administrative tasks, administrative training, and physical training are not reflected in this list.