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Questions to Complete the Lateral Transfer Application

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is testing and accepting applications for currently certified FULL-TIME law enforcement officers for employment as CMPD Officers. 

The following information is designed to assist Lateral Entry applicants in gathering the necessary documents and certifications in order to submit a completed application in a timely manner.  If you wish to apply as a Lateral Entry Officer, please read the following information carefully:

All Lateral Entry applicants must answer the following questions, in addition to submitting the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Application:

  1. Are you a full-time, sworn and certified Police Officer?  If so, what state?
  2. What law enforcement agency are you currently employed by and how long have you been employed there?
  3. Is your employment relevant, defined as a full-time, sworn officer working in direct contact with the public and engaged in the full range of law enforcement activities in a municipal, county or state law enforcement agency?  (Sheriff's departments are included in this definition if the applicant is performing the full range of law enforcement duties.) 
  4. Please respond to each of these items as they relate to Relevent Experience, characterized by, but not limited to, the following:  (1) Responds to calls for police service (2) Conducts preliminary criminal investigations (3) Works effectively with support services such as records, communications, crime laboratory and investigations (4) Meets the needs of a diverse population (5) Conducts agency business through an established chain of command (6) Maintains above average work performance levels (7) Maintains conduct within the highest standards of the law enforcement profession.
  5. How many officers are employed by your agency and what is the population that you serve?
  6. Are you the subject of any pending disciplinary investigation?
  7. Has any disciplinary action been taken against you during your law enforcement career?  If so, you must provide a complete explanation of each incident and contact persons at the department in question.
  8. Submit copies of your performance appraisals for the years to be considered in the lateral entry program.
  9. Submit copies of your training and certification records.

Each Lateral Entry Applicant will be provided with these questions at the time the application is sent to them.  In addition, Lateral Entry applicants will be asked additional questions in reference to their qualifications for the program based upon the Program Requirements and the applicant's experience.