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Requirements for Out of State Lateral Entry Applicants

If you are a sworn, certified law enforcement officer working full-time in a state other than North Carolina, please read the following information carefully. 

These requirements will apply to you:

  • A minimum of two years of full-time, sworn experience.  The State of North Carolina will not evaluate or give credit for any part-time service.
  • North Carolina State Training & Standards allows for no more than 1 year break in full-time sworn service. However, APPLY WITHIN 4 months of having been separated from a law enforcement agency to ensure accurate & timely processing of your application.
  • Must pass the North Carolina State Basic Law Enforcement Training Certification Exam within 12 months of receiving a Probationary Officer Certification.  The CMPD will provide officers with the materials needed to prepare for the exam.  The Officer is responsible for knowing the material for the exam.


Lateral Entry Officers will complete a minimum of 96 hours of Constitutional/Criminal Law, as required by the State of North Carolina Training & Standards Division, in addition to any other training deemed necessary by the State Training and Standards Division.

1.  You must submit a letter from your agency verifying the years of FULL-TIME SWORN service.  This letter should be on agency letterhead and signed by the head or Chief of the agency and/or a representative of the agency's Personnel or Human Resources Division.   

2.  Copy of your certificate of completion from the Law Enforcement Training Academy which you graduated.  If you graduated from an academy in a different state than where you now work and are transferring from, submit a copy of the certificate of completion from the original academy as well as verification of any basic training completed in the state from which you are transferring.  This certificate of completion must include the number of hours you completed in the Academy you attended. 

  • Example:  You are a police officer in Reading, Pennsylvania, and want to transfer to the CMPD.  Before becoming a Reading Police Officer, you lived in Ohio and worked as a police officer for the city of Columbus.  You will need to submit your original certification from Columbus, Ohio, in addition to any basic training you completed to become certified in Pennsylvania.

3.  A detailed breakdown of the topics taught in the basic Academy where you attended.  This breakdown must include course names and hours taught.

  • Example:  Course Orientation (2 Hours)  Physical Fitness Training (54 Hours) Elements of Criminal Law (28 Hours)