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Women in Policing

Opportunities for women in policing have become more available as we move towards a true, equally diverse workforce.

The CMPD Women's Network
The CMPD Women's Network was established in December 1998 by  the Executive Staff of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Originally called the "Mentoring Committee," the group was formed in order to aid the department in retaining women police recruits throughout their police academy training. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department recognized and understood that there are issues that pertain exclusively to women. The newly formed committee worked within the Department to address gender related issues pertaining to recruitment, retention, promotion, and policy
The group was chaired by ranking women members of the CMPD who regularly met with and mentored women recruits throughout their basic law enforcement training. By offering guidance and support to women police officers at the onset of recruit training, they assisted with the professional development of women as they entered and continued in the challenging profession of policing. With support from the academy staff and the Department, recruiting and retaining qualified women in hopes of building a police department that is gender representative of the community it serves, is now a reality.

The committee changed it's name to the "CMPD Women's Network" to more accurately reflect the nature of the work. The veteran officers and ranking personnel now facilitate the professional development of men and women in the department through mentoring, promotional workshops and recruitment.

Veteran women officers meets regularly with women recruits on a monthly basis.  In addition, all CMPD Recruits, men and women, are paired with veteran officers during initial Academy training and through Patrol training.  By meeting regularly and mentoring new recruits and officers builds confidence and allows the CMPD to retain well trained officers dedicated to serve the community. 

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