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Other Reporting Options: Reporting a Crime by Phone

  You cannot report this type of crime online. To report it by phone:

Find the crime below and call 911 or 311 as directed.
If you are calling 311 from outside Mecklenburg County, dial 704-336-7600.

Call 911 to report:
  • A crime that is in progress
  • A crime that is about to happen
  • Domestic violence
  • Fire
  • Injured person
  • Life and death situations
  • Medical emergencies
  • Missing person
  • Someone breaking into or entering your home or business
  • Stolen vehicle
  • Suspect who is still on the scene
  • Traffic accidents

Call 311 to report:
  • Assault (minor)
  • Fraud
  • Financial Identity Theft
  • Receipt of a worthless check over $2,000
  • Someone you know took your vehicle
  • To add to an existing report

Note: When you call 311, a representative will connect you to the CMPD Crime Reporting Unit to file your report. If you are calling from outside Mecklenburg County, dial 704-336-7600.

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