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Budget Committee Charge

City Council’s Budget Committee was established in 1996 and modified in 2007 with the following charge to guide the budget process:

• Recommend an annual calendar and process for review and approval of the budget

• Review major budgetary issues and options prior to the half-day budget retreats

• Provide feedback to the City Manager regarding the agenda and agenda items to be addressed at budget retreats

• Make recommendations on referred items from Council at the budget adjustments meeting prior to straw votes; and

• Make recommendations on referred items throughout the year to the full City Council

 The goals of the Budget Committee are:

• Provide early and formal communication:

   ○ Between City Council and Staff;

   ○ Among Council Members; and

   ○ Between City Council and citizens

• Provide more time for policy development

• Provide more time for Council review of budget materials

• Facilitate Council’s budget decision-making process between budget adjustments and straw votes

• Provide for a more public process