Hourly Parking

Please note: Due to active construction of the New Hourly Parking Deck and Rental Car Facility, there will be no Hourly Parking available until November 2014. More information and parking tips are available by clicking here.

Although this premium parking option won't open until later this year, passengers may choose from CLT’s other parking options, including five self-serve parking lots, premium parking in the Daily East and West decks and two ultra premium valet parking options. Except for ultra premium parking (Curbside and Business Valet), parking is provided on a first come, first served basis.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hourly Parking:

Can I drop off a passenger without an hourly deck?
Yes, when dropping off family and friends, you'll have to do so at the terminal's curbside. To walk into the terminal with passengers, you will have to park in a lot or deck and take a shuttle bus to the terminal. CLT offers short term parking in all of the lots and decks (excluding Business and Curbside Valet). Free for the first 20 minutes to those choosing to accompany departing passengers to the terminal or pick up arriving passengers in person.

How should I plan to pick up a passenger without an hourly deck to park at?
When picking up a passenger, visitors are encouraged to utilize one of two free Cell Phone Lots. Just wait in your vehicle and ask your passenger to contact you when they claim their luggage, then drive to either level of the terminal to pick them up.

If you want to pick up a passenger in person, you will have to park in the Daily decks or Long Term Lots and take a shuttle bus to the terminal.

Why is there no hourly parking?
The Airport's original hourly parking decks were demolished to make room for the new, larger, Hourly Parking Deck and Rental Car Facility. The new deck will open later this year. Click on the links to visit construction.cltairport.com for more information about the project and all of the Airport's CLT 2015 Construction.

Where can I find more information about parking at CLT?

  • By clicking on the links to review Travel Tips and Parking FAQs.
  • By using the real-time parking map: parking.charlotteairport.com. This is available on all mobile devices and will show you which lots are open, how much it costs to park and even let you click into it so you can get directions.
  • By calling 704-359-5555 for up-to-date parking conditions, tips and rates.

Additional Lots: 
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Daily North Parking
Long Term Parking
Business Valet
Curbside Valet
Cell Phone Lot