Future Proposed Construction Projects

In addition to the CLT 2015 development program, there are other projects at various stages of implementation. When complete, CLT will look very different than it does today and use more modern and efficient technology to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

As these projects become active, they will be added to the main construction page.

Terminal Lobby Expansion
Fourth Parallel Runway
International Terminal

Terminal Lobby Expansion
Status: Planning Underway
Description: The Terminal Lobby will be expanded to the north to create additional space for security lanes, ticketing and baggage claim areas as well as increased circulation space in the lobby.

This project will accommodate the rapid growth CLT has experienced in recent years which has put a strain on the terminal. 
Duration: 36 months
Milestones: Design complete 2014
Construction start 2015
Completion 2018
Cost: $125,000,000
Funding Source: 2015 GARBS

Fourth Parallel Runway
Status: Planning Underway
Description: An environmental study must be completed prior to design and construction of a fourth parallel runway.

The runway will be located 1,200 feet west of Runway 18C/36C and between the existing runways 18R/36L and 18C/36C. This fourth parallel runway is anticipated to be 200 feet wide and 12,000 feet long making it CLT’s longest runway.
Duration: 24 months
Milestones: Environmental study Spring 2013
Design 2014
Construction January 2015 – January 2017
Cost: $92,500,000
Funding Source: Federal AIP Grant
2015 GARBS
PFC Funds

International Terminal
Status: Planning Underway
Description: This project will design and construct a new international terminal building to provide additional capacity for international flights, which have been a strong growth opportunity for air carriers.

The terminal, located north of Concourse A, will be comprised of three levels equipped with a ticketing lobby, baggage claim, Federal Inspection Station, and 20 to 25 gates.

Construction would begin after rental car operations move to the Hourly Deck and Consolidated Rental Car Facility. 
Duration: 36 months
Milestones: Potential construction start Spring 2015
Cost: $175,000,000
Funding Source: 2017 GARBS