CLT 2015 Underway

​​Traffic Alert: Allow extra time to drive to and from the terminal. While adjusting to new traffic patterns drive more cautiously and follow directional signage as construction remains ongoing. Click on the links for more information and maps to assist travelers, delivery companies and rental car company customers.


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The landscape of Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) has changed. After years of planning and hard work, renderings have transformed into concrete and steel. CLT looks very different than it did before and uses more modern and efficient technology to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

In 2010, CLT passenger numbers increased 10 percent, the highest among airports, throughout the nation. This growing trend has continued with a record of 43.46 million travelers visiting the Airport in 2013.

The CLT 2015 development program includes various expansion projects necessary to accommodate current and future passenger growth. Additionally, the construction program will modify the Airport’s entrance and parking and access to the terminal. Construction projects will be implemented in various phases, some are currently underway while others are scheduled to begin within the next few years.

CLT 2015 Projects
New Hourly Parking Deck and Rental Car Facility
Airport Entrance Road
Roadway Dynamic Signage Package
Charlotte Regional Intermodal Facility at CLT
Checked Baggage In-Line System
Terminal Eastside Expansion: Food Court
Additional Active Projects
Taxiway D South Extension
Terminal Westside Expansion
Business Valet Deck II

Upcoming Construction Projects
Terminal Curbside Roadway Expansion
Terminal Ramp Expansion (West) I
Concourse A Annex
Concourse B
Concourse E

Future Proposed Projects
Terminal Lobby Expansion
Fourth Parallel Runway
International Terminal

Completed Projects
Terminal Eastside Expansion

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New Hourly Parking Deck and Rental Car Facility
Status:Open to public parking. Active construction on Rental Car Facility. 

The Hourly Deck opened to public parking on November 20, 2014. This is the first phase of completion of the facility. The Hourly Deck features 4,000 public parking spaces and is located in front of the terminal building. The second phase includes the construction of the Rental Car Facility. This includes 3,000 parking spaces for rental cars. When complete, the new seven-level deck will house all rental car facilities and contain 7,000 parking spaces. Of those spaces, 4,000 will be dedicated to hourly parking. Rental car facilities will be located on the bottom three levels of the new deck. For the first time at CLT, passengers will be able to access rental cars within walking distance of the terminal. 

Construction began with the back portion of the new deck. In January 2013, the West Hourly Parking Deck was demolished to allow continued construction of the new deck.

During this time, the Queen Charlotte statue was temporarily relocated to the courtyard between the Daily East and West Parking Decks. The statue, and its associated historical markers, will remain there until the completion of the Terminal Curbside Roadway and Lobby Expansion projects.

Duration:36 months
Milestones:Construction began in January 2012
West Hourly demolition began January 2013
East Hourly demolition began March 2013
Construction complete November 2014
4,000 public parking spaces opened November 2014 
Funding Source:2011 GARBS
CFC Bonds

Demolition of the old West and East Hourly Parking Decks (left) was completed in early 2013.  Here are early construction photos of the new Hourly Deck (right).
An aerial view of the new Hourly Parking Deck construction shows the back portion of the deck completed (left). View from construction of the back of the new Hourly Deck nearing completion (right).
For more details and facts about the new Hourly Parking Deck and Rental Car Facility, click here.

Airport Entrance Road

The new entrance roadway improves connections from Wilkinson Boulevard and Josh Birmingham Parkway to the terminal. The project, which began in August 2012, widened Little Rock Road and included the construction of three new bridges. Additionally, the new entrance road includes the installation of a dynamic signage system that provide motorists with parking information and special advisories as they approach CLT.

Earlier in 2014, portions of Little Rock Road between Wilkinson Boulevard and Old Dowd Road shifted to become one way for inbound traffic.

Please note: Drivers on Josh Birmingham Parkway are now directed onto the new roadway's inbound lanes, which merge onto Little Rock Road and directly to the terminal. Click here to view a video showcasing the new traffic route, or here to see how to access Rental Car Road and Cell Phone Lots from the new roadway.

Duration:18 months

Construction began August 2012
Paving began August 2013
Phase One inbound lanes opened April 2014
Construction complete Fall 2014

Road opened to traffic April 2015

Funding Source:2004 GARBS

The new roadway improves connections to major highways including I-85. An aerial perspective of the Airport Entrance Road (left). Another perspective of the new roadway shows a portion leading to the terminal in front of the Daily North parking lot (right).

Click here to see what the completed Entrance Road project looks like. Click on the links for more information and maps of recommended alternate routes for travelers, delivery companies and rental car company customers.

Roadway Dynamic Signage Package
Description:This project is part of the new airport entrance road and provides updated signage on Josh Birmingham Parkway and other roadways leading to the Airport.

Signage combines standard and dynamic messages to provide motorists throughout the Airport's complex with real-time parking information and various advisories. Dynamic signage boards with the ability to display more than 100 different messages, including directions to open lots.
Duration:9 months
Milestones:Completion December 2013
Funding Source:2007 and 2010 GARBS




Installation of dynamic signs along roadways leading to the Airport marked the completion of phase one of this project. Drivers approaching CLT's parking facilities are now able to see which lots are open and how much it costs to park.


Charlotte Regional Intermodal Facility at CLT

Description:This facility is being constructed and paid for by Norfolk Southern Corporation. It will replace the existing 40-acre intermodal facility along North Davidson and North Brevard Streets in uptown.

By strategically relocating to the Airport, Norfolk Southern is able to build a more efficient, easily expandable 200-acre terminal between two runways to handle the anticipated growth of intermodal traffic. Additionally, the facility’s location will remove trucks from busy city streets.

CLT and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) completed an interchange on I-485 to connect with the new facility.

The new Charlotte Regional Intermodal Facility is projected to bring $9 billion in economic impact throughout the next 20 years. (Data provided by Norfolk Southern.)
Duration:36 months
Milestones:Norfolk Southern leased property March 28, 2012
Construction Spring 2012 – late 2014
Began Operations December 2013
Funding Source:Privately funded by Norfolk Southern Corporation

The Intermodal Facility is located between two active runways on CLT property. It is the only facility of its kind able to seamlessly link freight operations by air, rail and truck with access to seaports. Pictured on the left is from the southern portion of the facility's site looking north. Another viewpoint of the Intermodal Facility (right) shows how cargo is removed from trains and placed onto trucks for distribution.

For more details and facts about the intermodal facility, click here.

Checked Baggage In-Line System
Description:An in-line baggage system on the terminal’s lower level will replace the system currently in use.

This project will use two miles of new, high-speed conveyors to more efficiently move checked baggage. It will utilize new technology and federally mandated security processes as well.

The system, which will require additional building infrastructure to support Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening equipment, is expected to improve baggage handling services. It will also result in a more automated and faster screening process of checked luggage.
Duration:36 months

Design completed April 2012
Construction January 2013 – August 2015

Funding Source:TSA Grant: $45,431,845
2011 GARBS: $5,047,985





 New baggage conveyors are being installed as part of the new system, which is expected to improve baggage handling services and result in a faster screening process of checked luggage.




Terminal Eastside Expansion: Food Court

Status:Design Complete
Description:Another component to the terminal eastside expansion project includes the construction of a two-story, 32,000-square-foot addition.

The project will improve circulation through Concourse E by adding two escalators and one elevator. The upper level will provide terminal space to accommodate additional concession opportunities through a new food court as well.
Duration:22 months
Milestones:Design completed Spring 2013
Funding Source:2013 GARBS

Terminal Curbside Roadway Expansion
Status:Design Underway
Description:The Airport has experienced tremendous growth, which has put a strain on the existing roadway system in front of the terminal. Construction of a new hourly parking deck will provide room to widen the roadway in front of the terminal.

Additional commercial and passenger vehicle lanes will be constructed to assist those picking up and dropping off passengers. When complete, a total of 16 lanes will accommodate traffic.

Traffic flow will be reconfigured on each level; commercial vehicles will move to the three inside lanes and personal vehicles to the five outside lanes. This project will also move the roadway further north to accommodate the future Terminal Lobby Expansion.
Duration:Commercial Vehicle Lane: 20 months
Passenger Vehicle Lane: 27 months
Milestones:Design complete May 2014
Construction start Fall 2014
Funding Source:2013 GARBS





An artistic rendering of what the terminal's curbside roadway could look like when complete.



Taxiway D South Extension

Description:Approximately 2,400 linear feet of taxiway will be added to Runway 18L/36R. The extension will provide full length taxi on the east side of the runway and additional capacity for general aviation and military aircraft operations as well.
Duration:10 months
Funding Source:Federal AIP Grant (75%)
2013 GARBS


Terminal Westside Expansion
Description:A three-story expansion to the west side of CLT’s terminal building is being constructed. This will provide additional concession space, offices and easier access to Concourse B from Security Checkpoint A.

On the ramp level, the expansion will provide additional bag make-up space needed for the new checked baggage in-line system.

Additional office space will be located on the third floor.
Duration:18 months
Milestones:Construction began January 2013
Funding Source:2004 GARBS


Business Valet Deck II
Description:Due to the popularity of CLT’s Business Valet services and forecasted passenger growth, a second Business Valet Parking Deck will be built. The deck will be located on the west side of the existing Business Valet Deck along Wilkinson Boulevard.

Land clearing began in summer 2012. Grading for the 3,200-space deck is complete and construction will commence in June.
Duration:12 months

Construction January 2014 – December 2014
Scheduled to open early 2015

Funding Source:2013 GARBS

An aerial perspective (left) of the second Business Valet parking deck, which is located next to the Business Valet deck that is currently in use. A ground perspective of the first levels of the new deck take shape (right).



Terminal Eastside Expansion
The 60,000-square-foot expansion of the terminal’s east side opened in late June 2012. The additional public space and fifth security checkpoint were necessary to accommodate growing passenger numbers. Work continues in the international arrivals area, which includes portions of the upper ticketing level. 

CLT officials divided the project into two sections – the west and east sides.

The west side of the project extends from the west of the Concourse E pill to the terminal’s east end wall. The 40,000-square-foot area contains additional office, lobby and recheck space. The 20,000-square-foot east side of the project contains additional space for the Arrivals/Baggage area and offices for U.S. Customs and Border Protection.


Click here to read fast facts and other interesting details about the project.

 ​​​Arrivals/Baggage Area
Baggage Claim renovations have been completed. Terrazzo flooring, energy efficient lights and new ceiling tiles, signage and flat screen panels to display flight information were installed. The renovated space also received new carpet on the infill areas of the claim devices.