CLT Passenger Traffic Shows Continued Growth - Midyear Figures Climb 2.6 Percent

CLT's midyear passenger traffic shows continued growth, climbing 2.6 percent from 21,414,211 fliers January - June 2013 to 21,962,586 travelers this year.

International travel was part of that increase, climbing 5.3 percent from 1,461,141 travelers (January – June 2013) to 1,537,946 through this June.  
Cargo numbers also saw an upswing, rising 2.4 percent from 64,170 tons during 2013’s midyear to 65,740 tons in 2014. 

Operations continued to trend with a slight decrease due to American Airlines, who operates more than 90 percent of CLT flights, realignment of operations. Aircraft movements decreased 3.6 percent from 279,097 landings and departures (January – June 2013) to 269,069 during the first six months of 2014.

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