House Sale


House Sale – Wednesday, April 10
Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) occasionally offers houses and other structures for sale to be moved from the property. Properties were purchased through either our FAR Part 150 Program for noise mitigation or the Master Plan for expansion.
Houses are sold to the public through a sealed bid process.

Bids will open at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10, at the CLT Center (5601 Wilkinson Blvd.).

Houses are sold in as is condition – bidder beware. Visit the sites and physically verify the condition of the structures before submitting a bid.
For more information contact Bob Andress at 704-359-4000.

Official House Sale Bid Documents (required to bid) 
 Set One: Instructions to Bidders and Address Listing for April 10 (includes advertisement)
 Set Two: Shaded Map and Proposal Form for April 10