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Don't Let Washing Your Car Hurt Our Environment

All of the storm drains in Charlotte-Mecklenburg flow directly to our lakes and streams. Car washing is a pollution problem because many metals and automotive fluids are washed off along with the soapy water. Even biodegradable soap can be toxic to aquatic habitats.
Soap suds running down driveway 
Don't let soap suds go
down the 
storm drain 
      One gallon of liquid soap will pollute 200,000 gallons of water.

  • Take your car to a professional car washing center. These types of companies capture and treat the wastewater.
  • If you wash your car at home, wash on the lawn or other natural area. The soil will act as a filter to clean the wash water.
  • Limit runoff by using a bucket, rag and control nozzle on your hose.
 Remember, only rain goes down the storm drain!