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2014 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Crowns of Enterprise Awards

The Crowns of Enterprise Awards began as a think tank between like-minded small business advocates within the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County in May of 2012.  We are now embarking upon our third year of recognizing and honoring small businesses that demonstrate exemplary leadership and sound business strategies.  As a collective effort, we strive to acknowledge and display the hard work and resilient efforts of our local small businesses; ultimately, illustrating the positive footprint and economic impact they have on our community.
The 2014 Crowns of Enterprise will be on May 1, 2014 at the Foundation for the Carolinas from 6pm – 8pm.  During this event we will award one outstanding business in each of the following categories:  Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) of the Year, Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) of the Year, and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) of the Year.  Each award winner will receive a 2014 Crowns of Enterprise Award, marketing publicity on the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and Charlotte Business Resources websites and community visibility through numerous social media vehicles.
In efforts of embracing a vision of partnership and collaboration, the Crowns of Enterprise Awards Ceremony not only strives to honor small businesses but to also cultivate an environment that nurtures networking amongst businesses, officials, and government agencies.
We encourage you to attend this remarkable event and join us in celebrating local small businesses that make a huge impact of growth and engagement in our economy and community.

Register for the 2014 Crowns of Enterprise Awards Ceremony by clicking here.


Robin Emmons of Sow Much Good to Host 2014 Crowns of Enterprise Awards Ceremony 


Robin headshot with produce2.jpgAfter spending 20 years in corporate America, a force inside Robin Emmons tugged at her to leave her current job in the financial services industry for an unplanned journey.

One week after resigning, Emmons began the unplanned course to save the life of her homeless and mentally ill brother. In doing so, she secured for him transitional housing, counseling, and support services. However, despite her best efforts, his physical health became endangered due to high consumption of canned and sugary foods provided to him by the agency responsible for his care. Robin, a gardener, began donating product for her brother and the 30 or so other residents housed at the facility where he now lived, and saw a dramatic improvement in his physical health.

It was here, in 2008 where Emmons found her passion - using food as a vehicle to promote social justice on important issues such as food access in marginalized communities. The advocate, activist, humanitarian, gardener and now, farmer, dug up her entire backyard and sowed the seeds for the nonprofit, Sow Much Good. Since then, she dedicated herself to eliminating systemic barriers in the food system that disproportionately affect the working poor and underserved populations.

Since the launch of Sow Much Good, the activist has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about inequities in the food system that eliminate the basic human right of a significant number of people to access clean, healthy food through workshops, farm stands and speaking opportunities.

The farmer is a 2013 Top 10 CNN Hero who has been featured in local and national media for the organization's work to alleviate nutritional starvation in low-income communities through gardening and micro farming.

Emmons, is a native Bostonian and a NC transplant of 20 years who resides in Huntersville, NC with her husband.