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Mecklenburg County's Land Development

County Land Development Services
Mecklenburg County Land Development staff provides:
    • land development plan review and permitting
    • residential building permits
    • site inspection services for water quality, erosion, storm water and buffers
    • zoning permits and inspections
for the Towns of Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Matthews, Mint Hill and Pineville.

County Land Development plan reviews and site inspections apply to:
    • land inside the Town limits
    • unincorporated land that is under the six Towns' zoning authority (known as Extra Territorial Jurisdiction or ETJ. Also called Sphere of Influence.)

Plan reviews and site inspections are required for both commercial and residential projects.

Plans should be submitted through the Electronic Plan Management (EPM) system. EPM is a web-based application that automates electronic plan submission, intake, routing, review and management of plans. 
EPM Frequently Asked Questions & Glossary 
EPM User's Guide

Land Development office location
The County Land Development office is at the Hal Marshall Center in uptown Charlotte. The address is below.

In 2012, the LUESA North office in Huntersville closed. The County also ended Land Development and Code Enforcement services at the LUESA South office in Matthews.

News & Updates

County Land Development Services are now offered at one location:

Hal Marshall Services Center
Basement level
700 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Mondays through Fridays
8:00 to 5:00 

General Land Development questions:


Fee schedule

County Land Development fees for plan review and bonds


Northern Towns
(Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville)
Southern Towns
(Matthews, Mint Hill, Pineville)

Casena Michael..................704-432-2526

Plan Review 

Northern Towns
(Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville)
Southern Towns
(Matthews, Mint Hill, Pineville)

Tom Hodge....................704-336-3324
Adam Nowocin................704-432-1321

Do you need County Land Development? Or City Land Development?
Find out with our interactive POLARIS map.

  • Go to POLARIS 3G map.
  • In search box on upper left, type in the property address and press "Enter."
  • On upper right, click "Overlays."
  • On left side of screen, click "Spheres of Influence."
  • Words should appear over the parcel indicating which City or Town is responsible for land development.
  • On upper right, click "Legend" to see the color-coded jurisdictions.

The City of Charlotte is responsible for Land Development reviews and permitting inside the City's Sphere of Influence (also called Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction or ETJ.)

Mecklenburg County Land Development is responsible for land development review and permitting in the six Towns' Spheres of Influence.

Construction Plan Review or Site Inspections in the City of Charlotte and unincorporated land around the City limits

After the engineering plans are approved and site inspections are complete, Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement is responsible for building permits and building inspections.

Mecklenburg County Land Development is part of the County's Water & Land Resources division. Water & Land Resources is in the Land Use & Environmental Services Agency (LUESA).

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