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The North Carolina Property Tax System consolidated five separate web applications in mid 2008:

  • Tax Bill Look Up
  • Individual Personal Property Look Up
  • Business Personal Property Look Up
  • Street Assessment Look Up
  • Street Lighting Look Up

Search all five with a query

NOTE:  Real Estate Look-Up applications are not included.  


Property Tax System Tutorials:


Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  When I click on my favorites to access the tax bill look up application, I receive a redirect message. 



A. The above mentioned applications have been replaced by a new link. 

Please click here and then update your favorites. 

Q.  What should I do if I receive the message "data not found" when searching for a taxpayer's name? 

A. To expand your search to include more possible matches, perform a wildcard search.  A wildcard is a special character (*) that you can use to represent one or more characters, alpha or numeric, when performing a search. 

For example:  The wildcard search for Smith Jo* will return all first names beginning with "JO"; such as John, Jon, Jonathan, Joanne, etc. 

Q.  How can I search under the owner's name or business name if the name has a numeric value? I've got a business that owns condominiums on W College – 1211, LLC.  A window indicating, "Value cannot be numeric." pops up on my screen. 

A. To perform a Bill Search or Personal Property Search for an owner or business with a numeric name; i.e. 1211, LLC, please type in the number(s) followed by an asterisk (*).  For example, 1211*

Q.  How do I search specifically for Business or Individual Personal Property?

A. In the Personal Property Search tab, select Business or Individual from the Abstract Type drop-down to filter search results by abstract type.  

Please note:  Street Name search is not available when filtering by Abstract Type.     

Q.  Why did you remove Real Estate Look-up? 

A. The Real Estate Look Up is still available on 

Please note:  The January 1 information is no longer required.  All information formerly found in the January 1 Owner Look Up is now available in the new Property Tax System.   

Q. Is there a new account number for my personal property?  When I put my old account number in Personal Property Search or Bill Search, it returns no matches.

A.  The new abstract number replaces the account number you are accustomed to using.  The 10-digit abstract number is also the base number for the bill.  Your 2008 tax bill will use the new abstract number and will provide your historical account number in the bill memo section to allow cross-referencing and updating of records.  To search using your historical account number, select old account number from the Search By drop-down menu and enter the number with no spaces or hyphens.

Q. Is there a new bill number?  When I put my old bill number in online payments center, it returns no matches.

A.  The new bill number is 22 digits long.  The new bill number consists of a base number (abstract number), tax year, year for, and listing number. 
For example:  0123456789 2008 2007 0000.

Please note:  You may use either bill number (old or new) to search your tax account. Do not include any spaces or hyphens.

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