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Citizens Advisory Boards

Solid Waste has one Citizens Advisory Board and one Council appointed by the Citizens Advisory Board:


The Waste Management Advisory Board (WMAB) was established in 1988 by the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) for the purposes of providing citizen input on solid waste management issues facing the County. 

The WMAB assists in the development of the County's ten-year waste management plan, considers and recommends waste reduction, recycling and final disposal strategies, reviews capital and operating budgets, and provides recommendations to the BOCC on the selection of consultants and contractors for solid waste projects. The WMAB also hears appeals for exemptions from the Residential Solid Waste Fee levied by the County and for violations and penalties assessed under the County's Mandatory Commercial Source Separation Ordinance.

Appointments to the WMAB are made by the BOCC for two three-year terms. This is a twenty member board.

Waste Management Advisory Board Bylaws

Waste Management Advisory Board Application

BOCC Conflict of Interest Policy for Advisory Boards.PDF

Members are encouraged to join a standing committee upon appointment approval to the WMAB. Generally the committee schedules are posted or meet on an as needed basis.

Board members include:
Anthony Morrison; Bruce Hammermann; Carl Terrell; Connie Harris; Henry Antshel; Ismael Sanchez; Jacqueline Levister; Jeremy O'Brien; Kenneth Morris; Linda Ashendorf; Louis Watts; Martin Sanford; Martin Doss; Ollie Frazier; Rita Plyler; Steve Pepper; and William Harrison

Landfill compactorWMAB meetings start at 11:30 A.M. and are generally held in Auditorium 1 & 2 at the County's Hal Marshall Services Center building, unless otherwise notified.


2014 Meetings
January 21
February 18
March 18
April 15
May 20
June 17
August 19
September 16
October 21
November 18

For more detailed information, contact Lynn Streeter.

Standing Committees of the Waste Management Advisory Board include:

1) Commercial Waste Committee
2) Residential Waste Committee
3) C & D Waste Committee

For information on serving on the Waste Management Advisory Board, please call the Clerk to the Board's Office at 704-336-7494 or submit an online application.


The Foxhole Landfill Advisory Council was established in 2000 by the Waste Management Advisory Board (WMAB) to act in an advisory and liaison capacity with the WMAB. Mecklenburg County Solid Waste and the residents in the area of the facility. The Council consults with and advises in matters affecting facility operations, maintenance, safety, protection, promotion, marketing, planning and other services related to the Foxhole Landfill.

The Council meets at the Foxhole Landfill,17131 Lancaster Highway at 7:00 pm on a quarterly basis, the fourth Monday of the month. 

Appointments are made by the WMAB for three year terms. The Council consists of seven members.  It is preferred that members live in the surrounding area of the Foxhole Landfill.

The Foxhole Landfill Advisory Council - Membership Application

Foxhole Landfill Advisory Council
Members:Foxhole Landfill

Carl Terrell, Chair

Peggy Beck
Lynne Douyotas
Jack Jackson
Lisa Rudisill
Elizabeth Lankford                                    
Steven Rush                                      
Joe Ramsey

2014 Meetings
January 27
April 28
July 28
October 27

For more detailed information on the Final Disposal Committees, please contact Joe Hack or call (704) 336-6513.


For more information regarding this page and various Committees within the Board, inquiries can be submitted to:

Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Services
c/o  Lynn Streeter  
700 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

704-336-4304 (Phone)
704-336-4314 (Fax)


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