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Litter Waste Reduction in Mecklenburg County banner 
Uncovered Loads Cost More at Foxhole Landfill 

One of the biggest sources of litter in Mecklenburg County is unsecured or uncovered loads on trucks. Mecklenburg County assesses a surcharge on commercial vehicles entering the Foxhole landfill with uncovered loads. The surcharge is an additional 50-percent of the normal tipping fee, which varies according to the tonnage.

Foxhole landfill

The Foxhole landfill accepts only construction and demolition waste. The tipping fee is $39 per ton, with a minimum of $39. The fee for clean wood waste is $16.50 per ton. There is a $5.00 per ton charge for concrete, brick and block. The Foxhole opened in 2000 and is owned and operated by Mecklenburg County.

Items that blow off of uncovered trucks litter highways and create dangerous driving conditions. In North Carolina, half of all litter is blown, not thrown. Much of it comes from small haulers, especially on weekends when people are cleaning out the garage or hauling remodeling debris. It doesn't take much time, effort or money to make sure your load is properly secured. Tarps can be purchased for less than $10, including tie-downs, at most home improvement or automotive stores.

  • Don't rely on the weight of items to keep them in your truck. Bumps, turns and sudden stops can dislodge even heavy items like furniture, tools and equipment.
  • Consider buying a cover if you don't often haul large bulky items in your truck. Not only do covers improve fuel economy and keep your goods dry, they keep material in the bed, keep thieves out and look good doing it.
  • All trash should be in sturdy bags and covered by a strong tarp or cargo netting. If you often throw trash into your truck bed, secure a five-gallon bucket with a lid in the corner of the bed as a trash can.

Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful is an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc. Its primary focus is the County's unincorporated areas and towns of Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Matthews, Mint Hill and PIneville. The organization conducts an annual litter index and works to engage the community to take greater responsibility for their environment.

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