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West Branch Rocky River Greenway

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Description: West Branch Rocky River Greenway will combine with the existing Southeast Greenway, linking several residential communities to Davidson Elementary School, South Street Park, and to an area with sidewalks and easy biking to downtown Davidson and Davidson College.  Specialty features include a site-fabricated wooden bridge and boardwalk through a fern covered hillside. The southern end of the greenway reaches undeveloped West Branch Nature Preserve. West Branch Rocky River Greenway is a designated leg of the Carolina Thread Trail.

Length: Paved Greenway = 1.1 miles

This greenway is located in the River Run development, Town of Davidson.

Parking is not currently available for this greenway.

Nearby Amenities:
West Branch Nature Preserve - natural surface trails

Nature Facts:
The West Branch Rocky River Greenway path runs through floodplain forest adjacent to the West Branch of the Rocky River.  The dominant vegetation along the path consists of species found in a Piedmont Alluvial Forest natural forest.  The canopy is dominated by Sweet Gum and Tulip Poplar and includes an abundance of Black Walnut and Bitternut Hickory. Common Pawpaw is extremely abundant in the understory, which also includes Box Elder, Red Maple and young Sycamore.  In the central portion of the greenway, the floodplain forest grades up into upland woods along the south side of the greenway path.  Signs of American Beaver activity, in the form of trees with gnaw marks and chewed bark, can be seen along the length of the greenway.  Eastern Box Turtle, many frog species, numerous songbirds and several dragonfly species have been documented along the entire greenway path.

For More Information: 
Contact Greenway Planner Gwen Cook at 980-314-1036 or by email

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