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Benefits of Little Sugar Creek Greenway

Kids playingDraft Vision Statement

The committee to develop Sugar Creek Greenway proposes to establish a comprehensive greenway along Sugar Creek that connects people and neighborhoods in a cultural, historical, social, environmental, educational, and recreational manner.

Neighborhood Benefits

  • Connect and link people to adjacent neighborhoods, landmarks and activities
  • Pedestrian-oriented accessibility
  • Increase in property values and residential safety

Recreational Benefits

  • Provides for hiking, strolling, biking and other community-wide recreational activities
  • Close-to-home and work access to greater proportions of the population
  • Promote Charlotte Mecklenburg as an active health-conscious community

Active Transportation

  • Non-motorized users
  • Connect to important destinations

Community Benefits

  • Festivals
  • Spaces available for special events

Educational Benefits

  • Promote Greenway link to schools, cultural, civic and religious centers
  • Environmental awareness education programs
  • Create natural, interpretative trails, outdoor amphitheaters and open-air studios

Environmental Benefits

  • Improve water quality by buffering streams and trapping pollutants
  • Preserve wildlife habitat biodiversity¬†
  • Reduce flood damage
  • Reduce traffic congestions and promote clean air


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