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  1. Click on myHR, enter your User ID, password, click "Sign In".
    Each icon or link you see, when clicked, will have indicated that there is information which can either be reviewed and edited/updated or only reviewed.
  2. Click on the desired icon or link.
  3. Data fields that can be edited will have buttons/links to click in order to open the fields for input; usually denoted with "correct...", "add...", "change...".
  4. Once data has been input, always remember to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page (for Tax Withholding and W-2 Reissue, click the "Submit" button).
  5. After accomplishing your tasks, always click "Sign Out" to exit myHR.

For detailed instructions on time entry, viewing job postings and
completing an application, see the FAQs.

Please note: If you have popup blocking add-on please ensure that you are NOT blocking popups on this site. If you are utilizing a firewall, you may have to adjust it in order for this site to function correctly. We recommend that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x and above. Subscribers to AOL may have a problem accessing myHR due to AOL's security features. A possible solution would be to obtain the internet connection then shift from the AOL user interface to using the stand-alone Internet Explorer browser. Adjustments can be made to the security features of Internet Explorer which should allow myHR to function properly. Details regarding adjusting browser security

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