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Programs & Services

Child Care Sanitation 
Child care arrangements in Mecklenburg County are regulated by both the County Health Department and NC Division of Child Development.

Demolition / Move Permits
The demolition or relocation of any structure requires the approval of Mecklenburg County Public Health Pest Management. This program assesses possible rodent incidence for structures to be demolished or relocated.

Groundwater & Wastewater Services
GWS approves and oversees private wells, wastewater treatment and disposal systems, and other regulated sites.

Home Day Care Facility
The Mecklenburg County "Rules Governing Child Day Care Homes" requires many individuals providing child care in their homes to register with the county as a child home day care provider.

Lead Poisoning
The purpose of the program is to promote childhood lead poisoning prevention, provide medical case management to children under 6 years of age who have elevated lead levels.

Lodging, Schools, and Institutions
Facilities such as hotels, motels, bed and breakfast homes and inns, public school buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, group homes, local confinement facilities (local jails), and similar facilities require permitting and or inspection by Environmental Health Staff.

Plan Review
Plans and specifications must be submitted to the Health Department prior to beginning construction or remodeling of foodservice facilities or public swimming pools.

Mosquito Control
This comprehensive program includes education, surveillance, complaint investigation, pest identification, regulation enforcement and control of mosquito populations.

Public Swimming Pool
Public swimming pools must renew their permits to operate annually and be inspected by Environmental Health staff.

Residential Swimming Pool
Mecklenburg County Health Ordinance requires approval to construct a residential swimming pool, as defined by the regulation. 

Restaurant/Food Service
Food & Facility Sanitation Program staff issue permits for operation of food service facilities and are required to conduct over 10,000 facility inspections per year to help maintain high levels of sanitation for protection of public health.

Rodent Control
Rodent and vector infestation can be destructive, a nuisance, and a public health hazard. The Mecklenburg County Environmental Health maintains a program to control and prevent these public health problems.

Septic Systems
Plans, applications and approval for wastewater treatment and disposal systems.

The Mecklenburg County Health Department locally enforces the North Carolina state rules (15NCAC 18A .3200) for the practice of tattooing.

Temporary Food Establishment
TFE (temporary food establishments) must meet equipment and operational requirements set by the state and obtain an operating permit from the Health Department prior to beginning operation.

Plans, applications and approval for private wells.

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