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Questions about Central Intake (CI)
  1. I need someone to be with my relative while I work. What are my options?
    Possible resources include:
    • Adult Day Care Centers
    • Private In Home Agencies - look under Home Health Services in the Yellow Pages.
    • Call Just1Call at 704-432-1111 to learn about our In-Home Aide Services and our Caregiver Support Program.
  2. I am homeless and need a place to live. Where can I go?
    • George Shinn Shelter (for men) - 1210 N, Tryon St - 704-334-3187
    • Salvation Army Shelter (for women and children) - 534 Spratt St - 704-334-4731
    • Battered Women's Shelter (for women and children in domestic violence situations) - 704-332-2513
    • Housing Authority - 1301 South Blvd -704-336-5183
    • Just1Call can assess individual situations and offer recommendations.
  3. My relative wants to stay in his own home but needs some assistance. Who can help him?
    For Medicaid eligible individuals:
    • Community Alternatives Program (CAP) - 704-336-4700
    • Personal Care Services (look under Home Health in the Yellow Pages)
    • Private Home Health Agencies (look under Home Health in the Yellow Pages)
    • Call Just1Call at 704-432-1111 find out about our In-Home Aide Services, Medicaid, and to discuss other options.
  4. I can no longer drive and need transportation to my medical appointments.  What are some possible resources for me?
  5. I am over 60 and cooking has become a problem. What can I do?
  6. I have applied for disability and am waiting for it to be approved. I have no money. What can I do?
  7. My neighbor has been losing weight and falling. I'm concerned about him. What should I do?
    • Call 704-336-CARES (2273) to discuss your concerns. Your neighbor my be in need of Adult Protective Services or an Outreach visit.
  8. My husband has Alzheimer's and I'm trying to care for him myself at home. Who can look after him while I run errands?
    • Call a home health agency listed in the phone book.
    • Call Just1Call at 704-432-1111 and ask about our Respite services.
  9. My medicine is so expensive and I can't afford it anymore. What can I do?
    • Call Medicaid at 704-336-3000 to see if you are eligible.
    • Carolinas Medical Center clinic patients can use their pharmacy.
    • Contact the drug companies or your physician and ask about the pharmaceutical patient assistance programs.
  10. I don't have enough money to pay my bills (rent, food utilities, etc.) each month. Who can help?
    • The Charlotte Housing Authority (704-336-5183) has some low cost housing options. 
    • Food Stamps - 704-336-3000
    • Medicaid - 704-336-3000
    • Special Assistance/In-Home -  for individuals who are eligible for Medicaid, have an Assisted Living level of care and who need assistance purchasing goods or services which would allow them to remain in their own homes. To apply call Customer Connection at 704-336-3000.
    • Call Just1Call at 704-432-1111  for additional alternatives. 
  11. My mother can't take care of herself anymore and she is refusing to go to a nursing home. I can't take care of her and there is no one else to do it. What can I do? Depending on the amount of care parents need, there may be services provided in the home that could enable your parent to stay home.  Some possibilities are:
    • Community Alternatives Program - Call the Health Department at 704-336-4700.
    • Medicaid Personal Care - Call Home Health agency listed in the phone book.
    • SFA's In-Home Aide Program - Call Just1Call at 704-432-1111.
    • Adult Day Care centers
    • If your parent is unable to make his/her own decisions anymore you may need to petition the court to become your parent's guardian so you can make decisions on their behalf. The number for the Clerk of Court is 704-347-7806. If you have Power of Attorney, check to see what kind it is and what action you can take.
    • If your parent has been harmed call Call 704-336-CARES (2273) immediately 
  12. My parents need to get out of the house more and socialize. What is available for senior citizens?
    • The Senior Center at 2225 Tyvola Rd - 704-522-6222 - has a variety of scheduled activities for seniors.
    • Shepherd's Center -704-334-4637 - has planned activities. The hours are Monday-Friday 9-5pm.
    • Senior Directions Newsletter has information on activities for senior citizens. Free copies are located in most grocery stores.
    • Senior Nutrition Congregate Meals Sites provide lunch and socialization. Call Just 1 Call at 704-432-1111.

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