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Adult Medicaid

Medicaid is a medical assistance program that pays medical bills for people who meet certain eligibility requirements (such as income, age, or disability) which are based on Federal regulations and State law. Medical benefits may be authorized for services such as hospitalizations, physician services, medications and different levels of care in nursing and residential facilities. 

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How to Apply for Services
Applications for Adult Medicaid or Food & Nutrition Services (FNS) may be made Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the Wallace H. Kuralt Centre located at 301 Billingsley Road or the Chapin Hall located at 3205 Freedom Dr. Applicants are seen in the order of arrival.

In an effort to provide outreach in locations more convenient to the elderly and disabled, individuals with accounts at the hospital locations may also apply for Adult Medicaid at the following locations:

  • Carolinas Medical Center on Blythe Boulevard (CMC-Main Entrance) 
  • Carolinas Medical Center's Mercy Hospital on Vail Avenue (CMC-Mercy)
    Please call 704-304-5665 for Appointment for this location   
  • Carolinas Medical Center Behavioral Center (CMC-Randolph)
  • Carolinas Medical Center University Hospital (CMC-University/Main Entrance)
    Please call 704-863-5621 for Appointment for this location 
  • Presbyterian Hospital (Hawthorne Lane)  

An Intake worker will guide the individual through the application process. If a person is unable to visit one of our locations due to disability or illness, he/she can call the Customer Connection (704-336-3000) to request a home visit. An individual can also send a representative to apply on their behalf.

Medicaid Program Descriptions
There are several program categories within Adult Medicaid.  Each category has different income and reserve requirements.  The categories are described below:

  • Medicaid for Adults (MAA) is for adults aged 65 and over.  If eligible, full coverage will pay for most medical needs.
  • Medicaid for the Blind (MAB) is for legally blind individuals.  If eligible, full coverage will pay for most medical needs.
  • Medicaid for Disabled Adults (MAD) is for those legally declared disabled.  If eligible, full coverage will pay for most medical needs.
  • Medicare Qualified Beneficiary (MQB) is for individuals who receive Medicare.  This partial coverage is also known as Medicare-Aid. 
  • Special Assistance to the Disabled (SAD) provides medical coverage to clients in rest homes or adult care homes.  
  • Long Term Care Medicaid helps pay for care in a facility which primarily provides inpatient medical care. 
  • Medicaid for Community Alternatives Program (M-CAP) pays for in home nursing care to those persons wanting to remain in the home instead of going to a nursing facility. Contact the Mecklenburg County Health Department at 704-336-4700 for more information on M-CAP.


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