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Change a life. Foster or adopt a child. The children who need foster or adoptive parents represent a variety of races, ages or cultural backgrounds.

Meet waiting children.

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Name: Unique
Age: 11
About me: Unique, age 11, is very girly. She loves fashion and styling hair. Unique is a model student and was President of her class this school year. She enjoys reading, writing, and learning new things. Unique is the youngest of a sibling group of three with whom she shares a close bond.


Name: Mercedes
Age: # 12
About me:
Mercedes, age 12, is friendly and polite. She is very protective of her two siblings and shares a close bond with them. Mercedes enjoys playing house and school. She tries her best academically and has a positive attitude about learning. Mercedes would thrive in a loving and nurturing home.


Name: John
Age: # 13
About me: John, age 13, is a polite, good natured boy. John is cute, inquisitive, and makes friends easily. He likes watching sports and playing baseball and basketball. He has taken boxing lessons. John is good at playing computer and video games. John talks about engineering as a career interest. He does well academically and enjoys attending school. John’s favorite foods are pizza and pasta. He is a early riser. John has had no significant behavioral issues in school or in his foster home since placement began in August 2010.


Name: Evelyn
Age: # 13
About me: Evelyn, age 13 is a girly girl. She has a beautiful smile that lights up a room. She is working on her manners and extends her hand to shake when meeting new people. Evelyn enjoys doing word puzzles, playing with her dolls, and her leap frog. She likes pet and had a pet fish named Bubba. Evelyn is not a picky eater but she likes chicken sandwiches from McDonalds.


Name: Rahshie
Age: # 14
About me: Rahshie, age 14, enjoys cooking, playing video games and sports, roller skating, reading comic books, and going to the movies. He enjoys spending time with his siblings and interacts well with his peers. Rahshie’s caregiver describes him as bright. Rahshie is deserving of an adoptive family that will give him the love and stability he desires.


Name: Rahiem
Age: # 10
About me: Rahiem, age 10, is an adorable and loving little boy. He enjoys spending time with his siblings, playing basketball and going to the movies. Rahiem’s caregiver describes him as loving and friendly. He is outgoing and friendly. His favorite foods are friend chicken and pizza. Rahiem is deserving of an adoptive family that will give him the love and stability he most desires.


Name: Jamerah
Age: # 12
About me: Jamerah, age 12, is an outgoing, energetic little girl. She enjoys spending time with her siblings, playing school, and learning. She has a special love for dolls. Her favorite doll is “Baby Alive”. She also loves listening to music. Jamerah is deserving of an adoptive family that will give her the love and stability she most desires.


Name: Kenneth
Age: # 16
About me: Kenneth, age 16, is handsome, charming and intelligent young man. He is a social butterfly, who has never met a stranger. Kenneth is very easily engaged in conversation and has the innate ability to make friends easily. Kenneth loves sports and wants to either play professional sports or become a scientist. Kenneth wants to pursue college and desire to become a lawyer or college professor. Kenneth is a joy to be around. Kenneth is excited about the prospect of being adopted and reports that he would like to live in a two parent home but will consider a single family home as well. Kenneth needs a family where there is a strong positive male role model. Kenneth needs guidance, structure, love and patience.


Name: Kendra
Age: # 16
About me: Kendra, age 16, has a personable demeanor and smiles often. She has a vivacious spirit and never meets a stranger. Kendra is talkative and silly but can be quite candid and blunt. She enjoys sports and loves watching and playing basketball and football. Like most teens, she enjoys talking on the phone to her friends and family, being on Facebook and Twitter, and shopping. Kendra enjoys all types of music and Beyonce is her favorite artist. She loves animals and would do well in a home with dogs and cats as pets. She also likes to travel and her favorite vacation spots include the beach and Tennessee. Kendra enjoys attending church and school. Her favorite foods are chips, pizza, fried chicken, steak, Chinese food, lasagna and anything sweet.


Name: Marcus
Age: # 14
About me: Marcus, age 14, is the oldest of a sibling group of three. He excels in school and is very articulate. He is very athletic and enjoys all sports, especially football and basketball. Marcus is a leader off the field. He was the President of a male mentoring group in school and is respected by his peers. In his spare time, Marcus expresses his creativity by drawing pictures.


Name: Javannie
Age: # 13
About me: Javannie , age 13, is all boy. He can be affection and caring. He enjoys going outside to play ball, especially football. He also likes playing with his match box cars. Javannie works hard at school and thrives with praise. He has a good appetite. Some of his favorite foods are cheese burgers, shrimp and strawberry pop tarts.

Name: Lawrence, Shanice, Roderick
Age: # 9, 14,13
About me:
Lawrence, age 9, is an adorable, charming, and sweet little boy. He is very outgoing and friendly. Lawrence needs an adoptive family who can provide structure, set boundaries, consistency, and guidance. Lawrence loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and vey inquisitive.

Shanice, age 14, is a smart, creative, caring, playful, girly, loving, and fun sister to her younger brothers. Shanice loves school and desires to pursue a college education. Shanice enjoys shopping, painting her nails, reading, crafting, and being around her family.

Roderick, age 13, is a handsome, easy going preteen. He is very outgoing and friendly and strongly desires to become a part of a forever family. Roderick loves sports, family events, and watching movies.

Name: Shykeem
Age: # 16
About me: Shykeem, age 16 has a wonderful smile. He can be a little reserved initially but will warm up once he gets to know you. He likes to go swimming and play football. His favorite football teams are the Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys. He would like to be a football player when he grows up. He also likes to play video games, draw and use the computer.

Overall, he works hard in school but sometimes needs encouragement to realize that he is capable of completing an assignment. He enjoys having one-on-one time. Shykeem also likes to go out for ice cream and doughnuts. He would like to have siblings to grow up with.

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