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FY07 Budget

FY 2007 Budget

Budget in Brief

FY 2007 Budget Book

Table of Contents
County Government
FY04-07 Strategic Business Plan
Performance Results & Financial Summary
Budget Overview & Summary
Position Summary & Revenue Schedule
Expense Schedule
Community Health & Safety
Effective & Efficient Government
Growth Management & Environment
Social, Education & Economic Opportunity
Budget Schedules by Department
Capital Improvement & Program Review
Other and Appendices

June 6 Board Meeting

FY07 Budget Summary Presentation (pdf)
FY07 Adopted Budget Ordinance (doc)  

June 1 Budget Workshop

Final Board Straw Vote Sheet (xls)
FY2007 June 1st Budget Workshop (pdf)

May 31 Budget Workshop

Workshop Presentation (pdf)
Board Straw Vote Sheet (xls)
Commissioner Budget Questions - Updated  (doc)

May 24 Budget Workshop

EBAC FY2007 CMS Funding Recomme ndation (doc)
CPCC Budget Request (ppt)
CMS FY07 Budget Presentation (ppt)

May 23 Budget Workshop

Commissioner Budget Questions
Workshop Presentation (ppt)
Board Straw Vote Sheet (xls)

May 17 Regular Board Meeting

FY 2007 Recommended Budget

FY 2007 Recommended Budget Presentation
County Manager's Remarks to the Board
Recommended Budget Press Release


May 17 Manager-Employee Meetings

County Manager's Remarks to Employees
County Manager's Memo to Department Directors

May 9 Public Policy Workshop

Court System Strategy (pdf)
Air Quality Update (pdf)

April 25 Public Policy Workshop

FY 2006 Performance Review  (pdf)
Carolinas Healthcare Mental Health Report (pdf)
Carolinas Healthcare Indigent Care Report (pdf)
Novant Health -Indigent Care Report.pdf (pdf)

April 11 Public Policy Workshop

Capital Reserve Priorities (doc)
Capital Reserve Request (xls)
Business Imperatives (pdf)

March 28 Public Policy Workshop

Revenue and Expense Projections (xls)
Employee Compensation Presentation (ppt)
Capital Range Guidelines (ppt)
Capital Range Metrics (xls)

March 14 Public Policy Workshop

10 Essential Public Health Services (doc)
Wiping Out Poverty (ppt)
Health Accreditation and Indices (ppt)

February 28  Public Policy Workshop

Student Demographic Trends (ppt)
CMS Funding Evaluation Guidelines (ppt)

February 14  Public Policy Workshop

Budget Process

February 9  Directors Breakfast

Budget Process Kickoff (ppt)
FY07Calendar_BOCC (doc)




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