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FY06 Budget

FY 2006 Budget

FY2006 Budget (Adopted) (29M pdf)
FY2006 Budget in Brief (Adopted) (4.1M pdf)

Manager's Recommended Budget

June 7 (Regular Board Meeting)

Budget Ordinance - Final (80K doc)
BO - Schedule 1 Summary By Fund - Final (58K doc)
BO - Schedule 1 OSA - Final (60K doc)
BO - Schedule 2 CMS - Final (54K doc)
BO - Schedule3 Contingency - Final (60K doc)

June 6 (Budget Workshop)

Budget Workshop Agenda and Information (82.6K ppt)
Responses to County Commissioner Questions on the FY2006
Recommended Budget - 06-01-05.doc
 (108K doc)
EBAC 2005 CMS Recommendation final .doc (2692K doc)
EBAC 2005 CMS Recommendation final .pdf (83K pdf)
CCBAC Recommendations FY 2006.ppt (112K ppt)
CCBAC Recommendations FY 2006.pdf (103K pdf)
FY 2006 Budget Workshop - June 6 (82K ppt)
FY 2006 Budget Workshop - June 6 (57K pdf)

June 2 (Budget Workshop)

Budget Workshop Agenda and Information (121K ppt)
Board's Straw Vote for FY 06 Budget (37K pdf)
Board's Straw Vote for FY 06 Budget (96K xls)

June 1 (Budget Workshop)

Budget Workshop Agenda and Information (141K ppt)

May 17 (Regular Board Meeting)

FY 2006 Recommended Budget (10.5M pdf)
FY 2006 Table of Contents, Recommended Budget (146K pdf)
County Manager's BUDGET REMARKS - May 17 2005 (80K pdf)

May 17 (Meetings With Employees)

Remarks To Employees (74K doc)
FY06 Budget Highlights - Employees (26K doc)

May 10 (Public Policy Workshop)

311: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Customer Contact Center (119K ppt)
CMS Funding Framework (203K ppt)

May 3 (Regular Board Meeting)

County Manager's No Tax Rate Increase Scenario (118K ppt)

April 12 (Public Policy Workshop)

Revenue and Expense Update (44K ppt)
Business Imperatives Report (14.4M ppt)
Fleet Study (9.9M ppt)
Pretrial Jail Study (151k ppt)
Pretrial Jail Study: Full Report (359k pdf)
Domestic Violence Study (113k ppt)
Technology Reserve Projects (16k xls)
Technology Reserve Summary (53k doc)
Domestic Violence Study FY05 (142k pdf)

March 29 (Public Policy Workshop)

CMC Presentation  (173K pdf)
2005 Employee Compensation Presentation (71K pdf)

March 8

Manager's Email to Employees  (41K doc)
Manager's Comments to the Board  (34K doc)
FY06 Budget Budget Presentation to the Board  (81K ppt)
Budget Presentation Handouts (60K xls)
Public Policy Workshop Schedule and Agenda Options (50K doc)

February 28

Manager's Comments at Budget Kickoff (40K doc)
FY06 Budget Manual (418K pdf)

February 8

Priority-Setting Email from Budget Director Hyong Yi




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