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There's a hero in all of us.

In celebration of National Customer Service Week, October 3-7, we are recognizing some of our Customer Service Heroes. These individuals were nominated by fellow employees and selected by the Customer Service Coordinating Council based on their representation of the County's customer service standards:

Ethics - Communication - Timeliness - Courtesy & Respect - Service Quality

Lynette Cornelius, a Sheriff's Office accounting technician in the Inmate Finance/Property area, is chosen for her COURTESY AND RESPECT. The nomination states Lynette does everything "with a smile and a prize-winning attitude." Fellow employees say she treats everyone like family. She is quick to laugh and has a calming effect in a stressful working environment. When the department installed a new computerized system called OMS, Lynette learned all aspects of it and spent a lot of time helping the rest of the staff with it. "Whether you are a coworker, inmate, or visitor," her nomination states, "Lynette never fails to give the best customer service, and with a smile."
Charles Mumpower
Charles Mumpower is a senior systems analyst for Information Services & Technology (IST). He is cited for his skills with COMMUNICATION. In the past six months Charles has worked with Area Mental Health, a new internal customer for IST. His nomination says "he has had to deliver both good and bad news, complicated information, clarifications, and lead several emergency efforts critical to operations in the department." His communications, both written and spoken, are described as clear and direct, skillful in delivering complex technical information in a way that non-technical people can understand.
Mary Caulder
Mary Caulder, who works in LUESA Code Enforcement, is recognized for TIMELINESS. Her nomination cites the role she played in helping store owners meet the grand opening date for the new Northlake Mall near I-77 and Harris Boulevard. Mary was the "point person" for the project. She coordinated inspection and occupancy issues involving 142 business locations for stores, restaurants, and storage facilities. As the deadline for the grand opening approached, practically all work became "urgent!" The nomination says Mary kept everything moving, stayed many extra hours, and made a significant contribution toward the successful opening day.

Jim Mullis
Jim Mullis is recognized for SERVICE QUALITY. He is currently a part-time building trades inspector in Land Use and Environmental Services Agency (LUESA), and was the core process supervisor in the department until he retired in April. The person who nominated Jim says "I have never observed anyone who can remain diplomatic and yet enforce the code with such a common sense approach. He can talk or work with anyone from the homeowner who 'just doesn't know' to the most qualified experts in the construction field." Many who work with Jim say just being around him has improved their skills as inspectors and in dealing with the public.
Patrick Walters
Patrick Walters is the Information Services Manager at the Department of Social Services (DSS), in charge of technology, computers, and telecommunications. He directs a staff of 30. Patrick is well known in the department for urging workers to respect everyone, have a positive attitude, and to "do the RIGHT thing, not the easy thing." His nomination describes him as steeped in a reputation of truthfulness, fairness, and honesty. It says he keeps confidential information confidential and is upfront with everyone, that his advice is forthright and direct, without pulling any punches.

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