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Mecklenburg County's Community Support Services Women’s Commission provides prevention education, trainings and domestic violence awareness to thousands of community members.  Prevention efforts consisted of radio, television and print media, as well as community fairs, faith community events, awareness marches, and educational trainings.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Check out our CALENDAR OF EVENTS for ways you can help us raise the banner. 

The mission of the DVFRT is to prevent domestic violence deaths. The team reviews domestic violence fatalities in accordance with North Carolina Session Law 2009-52 in order to increase safety for victims and accountability for perpetrators of domestic violence. The intent is not to lay blame, but rather to actively improve all systems that serve persons involved with domestic abuse in order to prevent violence and fatalities.


The DVSB is a partnership between Safe Alliance's domestic violence programs and the CSS Women's Commission in a collaborative effort to reach a wider audience. The hope and goal is to reach more of the community by sharing resources and eliminating duplicate efforts. 
With a pool of more than 110 volunteers consisting of survivors, advocates and domestic violence professionals, the DVSB would love to accommodate your presentation needs for speakers.
The Silent Witness Initiative is a public awareness effort using life sized silhouettes that represent fallen victims of domestic violence.
Call 704-432-1568 to reserve silhouettes in the Southern Region of North Carolina. NOTE: A limited number of silhouettes will be available in October due to Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
Check out the Domestic Violence Speakers Bureau to arrange a speaker at your event.
Call 704-432-1568 to reserve a Silent Witness silhouette for your event.
Collecting is a crowd pleaser that helps victims of domestic violence.
Call 704-432-1568 today for help with your event.

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