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Historical Data and Downloads 

Election Day Results
This contains results for previous elections.

Voter Data File 
This contains registered voters in Mecklenburg county and their voter history for the past twenty elections.  For more details or to download, click here.

Mecklenburg County Absentee Data File 
This contains information about Voters registered in Mecklenburg County who have requested an absentee ballot or voted early for the most current election.  For more details about the file and date formatting information, click here.

Statewide Absentee Data                                                                                                                                                                                                 This contains information about Voters statewide who have requested an absentee ballot or voted early.  

Early Voting Statistics
This contains information about the total number of Voters who have voted at each Early Voting site. 

Precinct Shape File 
This contains the Precinct boundaries in polygons, suitable for use with GIS tools.

Voter Records Request Form 
This contains the form to request any information from the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections if you choose not to download from above.  You will need  Adobe Acrobat Reader® software to view, download, or print the form.

Demographic Reports

Mecklenburg County Candidate Campaign Finance Reports