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Real Property Appraisal Division
Mecklenburg County has released a new web application to provide citizens with an update on the progress being made to the Revaluation Review. You now have the ability to easily see the effect of the review on your neighborhood, the current values on each property, and the ability to find comparable sales.
Try the Mecklenburg County Neighborhood Review Status Application
photo of residenceNorth Carolina law requires that all real property be assessed at fair market value as of January 1st of a revaluation year. It is the function of the Real Property Appraisal Division to list, discover, assess, and process appeals for ad valorem tax purposes on about 365,000 parcels of real estate. The division identifies real estate parcels, inventories characteristics, estimates a fair market value, notifies owners of value changes, and processes appeals of values. 

Review Your Real Property Listing
March 19, 2013 - A new tool is available for property owners to review how their property is listed - described - in County records.  The tool provides several ways to search for a property - name, address, parcel number - and then retrieves the attribute information from the County's database.  A property owner can note any discrepancies beside the respective attributes, provide general comments if there is any further explanation needed, and submit the feedback to the Assessor's Office for review.  A short tutorial is available for instruction.  Property owners may access the Property Record Feedback Tool here.

photo of tree lined residential streetThe Real Property Appraisal Division Manager, under the direction of the Mecklenburg County Assessor, accomplishes this task through an in-house staff.

House under ConstructionReal Estate Taxes are based on the assessed valuation of the real property as of the date of the latest countywide reappraisal (2011) divided by 100 and multiplied by the tax rate.

Want to learn more about property taxes in North Carolina? Read an article published by the Institute of Government in Chapel Hill

photo of tree lined streetStreet Assessment, Street Lighting, and Tax Bill Information can now be accessed through the NC Property Tax System (NCPTS). This system consolidates several Property Tax systems in one location. Try the NCPTS links on the right.



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