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County Assessor's Office

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A new web application provides citizens with up-to-date progress in the ongoing Revaluation Review. You can now see easily the effect the review is having on your own neighborhood, current values of the properties, and comparable sales.

Revaluation is the process of reappraising all properties within the county for tax assessment purposes. It is required at least once every eight years by North Carolina statute. The process has two objectives: value properties at current market prices, and equitably distribute the cost of local government among the property owners.

Reviewing Your Property Value

The following factors are considered when determining your property’s value:
  • Property Characteristics
  • Neighborhood Characteristics
  • Market Characteristics
  • Property Anomalies   

Appraisers on the Move

As part of the revaluation review process, County appraisal staff along with Pearson Appraisal Company will be reviewing properties in several county neighborhoods this week. 
Appraisers will be traveling in vehicles marked with the County seal and Pearson Appraisal Company staff will be traveling in vehicles marked with a white sign that reads “Mecklenburg Revaluation Review.” All appraisers will carry identification and business cards.

See the full Pearson's Review Calendar.​​
This Week's Neighborhoods 

County neighborhoods and areas under review this week, November 24 - 28:
Jetton Rd., Bethel Church Road, Torrance Chapel Road, West of Sharon Road, North of Runneymede and Manning Dr., East of Park Road, South of Hillside and Selwyn, Sharon Road, Park Road, Albemarle Road, Blair Road, W.T. Harris, N. Community House Road, Ballantyne Country Club, Providence Road West, Johnston Road, Independence Blvd., Commonwealth, Morehead and Tryon (Downtown), Central Ave., N. Sharon Amity Road, Morrowcroft, Foxcroft.

Latest Revaluation News:  


County Assessor Keeping Busy With Public Appearances

It is 8:30 Saturday morning, a time when many are just rolling out of bed and pouring a hot cup of coffee. But for Mecklenburg County Assessor Ken Joyner, the relaxation of weekend personal time will have to wait. Read more.

Assessor’s Office Announces Changes to Online Property Information
The revaluation review process is temporarily changing the way property tax values are listed on some of the County’s most popular web pages. Read more

Q&A with Mecklenburg County Assessor Ken Joyner
Ken Joyner has been Mecklenburg County’s Tax Assessor since October 1, 2013. He has hit the ground running, moving forward with managing the reappraisal of Mecklenburg County’s more than 350,000 tax parcels over the next year and a half.

Recently, he answered a few questions about what he does and why he took the job.

Implementation of Senate Bill 159 (2011 Property Revaluation)
The Board approved Pearson's Appraisal Services as the outside firm to work on the 2011 Property Revaluation.  Pearson’s will begin conducting a review of all property values in the County by neighborhood as required by Senate Bill 159 by Oct.1.

Board Names A New Assessor For Mecklenburg County
The Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners named Kenneth Joyner the new Tax Assessor at its Sept. 3 meeting. Joyner is a former tax administrator and most recently a lecturer at the School of Government at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Read More

Customer Service: The New Cornerstone of the Board of Equalization and Review

The Board of Equalization and Review (BER), a function of the Mecklenburg County Tax Assessor’s Office, is a panel of 15 citizens appointed by the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners that reviews property tax appeals.  Read More

More Candidates Interviewed As Search for New Tax Assessor Moves Forward

  • Interviews continue as Members of the Board of County Commissioners Ad Hoc Interview Committee for the County Assessor’s Position search for a new Tax Assessor.
  • The Committee will speak with several candidates this week.
  • The Board hopes to name a new County Tax Assessor by September 5th.

New Consultant on Board at Assessor's Office
Debbe King boils down the discussion about revaluation into one simple goal.  Read More

NOTE: The owner(s) of record for property taxes are the parties
that hold legal title on January 1 of the given tax year.


Office Location:

Tax Assessor's Office 700 E. Stonewall St. Charlotte, NC 28202

Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m - 5 p.m.


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