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TAXScribe - Online Listing of Business Personal Property

Beginning in January of 2012 businesses in Mecklenburg County will have the opportunity to file their property tax listings with the Assessor’s Office online.  E-filing helps Mecklenburg County to become more efficient while saving taxpayers time and expense in the filing process. 

The new online application provides the following features:

  • Text fields that replicate the North Carolina state form to produce accurate listings for each business.
  • Data storage for easy filing in future years. Taxpayers only need to add additions and deletions after their data is entered the first time. 
  • Sharing capabilities for CPA’s and tax preparers to send listings to clients for approval.
  • Taxpayers can download AV-59 forms to allow the tax preparer to sign on their behalf. 
  • Spreadsheet templates for uploading complex asset and leasing information details.
  • Live customer application support via email, phone and chat.
TAXScribe will make it easier for business owners, as well as tax preparers and accountants, to complete the listing process. The Assessor’s Office has provided information with  the 2012 business personal property listing which contains instructions for filing returns and extension requests for online listings.

The listing period for business personal property is January 1-31.  If an extension for electronic filing is made by January 31st (using TaxScribe), the filing period is extended to May 15th. 

All active businesses who have listed with Mecklenburg County Assessor’s Office in 2011 have been loaded into the TaxScribe system.  The search function can be used to locate a specific business - a new account should NOT be created unless a previously unreported business is being entered. 

For issues related to User ID's, password's, or other technical issues with the TaxScribe system, users may access the help function on the TaxScribe website.  For other assessment related questions,  the Business Personal Property website contains information and FAQ’s.  Other questions can be answered by calling 311, or submitted through email to the Assessment Operations Division at

CPA’s and Tax Preparers
North Carolina General Statute 105-311 was amended in 2011 to requiring all agents to be authorized by a principal officer of the taxpayer to submit tax abstracts electronically using an electronic signature method.  It requires the taxpayer to complete an AV-59 form provided by the Local Government Division, Property Tax Section.  Instructions can be found on the TAXScribe site for this authorization. 

*TAXScribe is the registered trademark of Tax Management Associates, Charlotte NC. 

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