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Developers and Contractors

The information below provides a list of the services and resources most commonly requested and utilized by developers and contractors.  Also included is a list of frequently asked questions, categorized by subject matter.  Click the + symbol next to the category to view the questions and answers.  If you do not find the information you are seeking, it may help to visit the links on the left navigation column to access comprehensive lists of Services, Resources, and FAQ's.  If you have any additional questions or require further assistance, please contact Land Development Customer Service at 704-336-6692 or view Development Services Contact Info.

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expand Service Subcategory : Building Permits and Code Enforcement ‎(4)
expand Service Subcategory : Business Services ‎(4)
expand Service Subcategory : Commercial Projects ‎(4)
expand Service Subcategory : Grading Permits and Erosion Control ‎(5)
expand Service Subcategory : Inspections and Hold Release ‎(3)
expand Service Subcategory : Stormwater - PCCO ‎(4)
expand Service Subcategory : Streets, Sidewalks, and Driveways ‎(12)
expand Service Subcategory : Subdivisions ‎(4)
expand Service Subcategory : Trees ‎(2)
expand Service Subcategory : Utilities - Water & Sewer ‎(3)
expand Service Subcategory : Zoning ‎(4)
expand Category : Applications ‎(12)
expand Category : Bond Forms ‎(11)
expand Category : Checklists ‎(17)
expand Category : Fees ‎(10)
expand Category : Forms ‎(11)
expand Category : Information ‎(27)
expand Category : Manuals, Standards, and Guidance ‎(9)
expand Category : Maps ‎(3)
expand Category : Ordinances ‎(11)
expand Category : PCO, Detention & Stormwater ‎(8)
expand Category : Tree Information ‎(2)
Developers and Contractors FAQ
expand Category : Bonds ‎(3)
expand Category : Close a Street/Sidewalk/Alley ‎(2)
expand Category : Commercial Zoning ‎(2)
expand Category : Driveways ‎(1)
expand Category : Hold Release (City and County) ‎(4)
expand Category : Inspections ‎(2)
expand Category : Mud/Erosion/Sediment ‎(1)
expand Category : PCCO ‎(4)
expand Category : Recombining/Subdividing Property ‎(1)
expand Category : Residential Building - Garages/Storage/Additions/Roofs/Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC ‎(4)
expand Category : Rezoning ‎(2)
expand Category : Signs - Permits/Sizes/Violations/Where Did Mine Go ‎(2)
expand Category : Water/Sewer - CMUD ‎(2)
expand Category : What Triggers a Land Development Review/Do I Need to Submit? ‎(1)
expand Category : Zoning Verification Letters ‎(1)