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Backflow Prevention
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Important Irrigation Installation Update

General Information about Backflow Prevention
People often think water travels in only one direction through the distribution system, but under certain pressure conditions, water can actually travel backwards. If a customer's water supply line is connected to a substance not fit for drinking and the line is unprotected, then the unfit substance could travel backwards through the water distribution system. hose inside a bucket of water

This is known as backflow.

Consider a hose submerged in a bucket of garden chemicals. If the water pressure in your area becomes lower than normal, the chemicals in the bucket can flow backwards through the hose and into your drinking water supply.

All backflow prevention devices must be tested once a year.
Click here to see a List of Approved Testers (pdf) - (updated periodically)

Backflow Prevention Devices
All industrial, commercial, and irrigation customers are required by city ordinance to install and maintain backflow prevention devices at every service connection to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities.

Other Resources
Land Use & Environmental Services Agency.  Other links within LUESA include code enforcement, reference desk, and Plans Submittal Requirements - Commercial.