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Annexation Projects
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When an area is annexed, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities installs fire protection (hydrants) within 1,000 feet of properties and sanitary sewer service to the low point in the neighborhood. It usually takes two years to design and install the infrastructure from the date annexed. This basic infrastructure is the first step so that citizens, currently on well or septic, can apply for drinking water or sanitary sewer service to individual properties.

Residents who received drinking water and / or sewer service from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities prior to annexation will continue to do so.

   For emergency drinking water or sewer service, dial 311 or 704-336-7600.
   For questions about storm water services, call 704-336-RAIN.

Residents that are currently using a well and / or septic system are NOT required to switch to city water and sewer services. If you are interested in having drinking water or sewer pipes extended to the front of your property, click here.

Annexed areas will be contacted via letters during the design and construction phases.